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Odin \\ 20 weeks

ODIN (2)

I’m a little bit behind on this month’s post, & honestly, it’s mostly going to be photos. I figure that probably isn’t an issue though. Who doesn’t like puppy photos?!

Odin Stampede

Stampede Puppy Party

O & N

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin, BFFs

Odin Cuddles

This month was a busy one for us, & Odin spent some time with his “cousin”, Penny. Those two can play for hours. Penny really holds her own too, even though she’s a fraction of the size. Developmentally, I’m noticing the biggest leaps in the way Odin plays with others. At 16 weeks, he was much more aloof & didn’t really know how to mouth them gently. He is still nippier than an older dog, but he’s learning!

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Odin Odin


Adorable bandana from Bark YYC. Thanks Jan!!

He also had a couple opportunities to play with Willow, my friend D’s three-legged rescue. She’s an incredible dog, but the first time they played, Odin was so young & had no idea how to handle her play style. Now they chase each other around & roll & jump. It’s so fun to watch him figure it out. She has this absolutely lovely backyard right behind Nosehill park that I suspect we’ll be frequenting pretty often for puppy playdates.


Reppin’ FFPK



New Mat Odin

new mat

He also did some swimming this month. First in a pool at daycare & then in the lake. I wish I had saved the snapchat videos I made, but I totally dropped the ball on that one. I do have some pretty cute photos of him in the water with me though. We managed to get him to jump off the back of the boat twice on his own before he got scared. To be fair, it did seem pretty high for him, so I’m quite proud of him for being so brave! (I tried to group all the little swimming photos together, cuz I can’t choose which to post!) He was a total gem out at the lake & we had a great weekend with my parents!

Odin Swimming

Swimming Lessons

Odin Doggy Paddlin'

Doggy Paddlin’


Always watching us in the water

O & N

My Boys


Dad & Odin


Odin sleeps

Tired, wet pup

Odin still doesn’t love being left alone, but he deals with it much better. A couple weeks ago, I decided to take away his puppy pad since he was just eating them & the idea of him ingesting the weird absorbent goo bothered me, & he’s had relatively few “accidents”. I still bike him every day at lunch to let him out & give him some lunch, but he’s doing a great job at making it for four hours.

Odin & Adam

Odin & Adam

Watchdog Odin

Watch Dawg


On Your Mat

On our mats! ūüėČ


We still tend to go through a rough patch after N leaves. I think his schedule really confuses Odin. It’s tough going from having your buddy home all day to never seeing him. Poor guy is probably so confused. That rough patch seems so far behind us now though. We’ve moved on to a new one: eating. At first, I thought he was just teething, but we went to the vet & he might actually have some worms. We’ve got some antibiotics so he should be on the mend now. I’m hoping that’s the solution. I miss my happy little eater!

Odin's Gift

Our friends got N a lovely little gift!

Odin & Vi

Odin & Vi are the sweetest together!




Odin spoons monkey

Spooning Garth

I’ve tried to narrow down the photos on this post. When I first uploaded them, there were 75. It’s tough though with an adorable mug like Odin’s. Everyone thinks their pup is the cutest, & I am certainly no exception.

Happy 5 month birthday, Odin! You’re almost half a year. I love watching you grow & going on adventures. I can’t wait for everything in store in the coming months!


Mom (& Dad)

Odin \\ 16 weeks

Odin 16 wks

Our little buddy reached the four-month mark last week! It’s really cool watching him grow & seeing more of his personality coming out. Since I last updated, he’s gotten a haircut & is almost finished his 6 weeks at puppy school.

He’s been spending some time with my in-laws lately. They also have a new puppy, Penny, & they are getting along so well! She’s a teeny tiny Bichon Yorkie, but she totally holds her own with him. It’s really cute watching them interact together.










So tired after playing in the water!

Penny Odin

Meeting Penny for the first time!



Can you even see, Odin?


He’s definitely grown a lot since we first got him, but it’s even more apparent since his first¬†haircut. All of a sudden he looks a lot more like a lanky teenager than a tiny fluffy puppy. He’s lost a couple of teeth in the last week so we’re gearing up for some fun teething times. He’s also had a little bit more teenage attitude lately, but we’re working through it with time outs.

Odin's first haircut

After his adorable little haircut!

Odin's first haircut

Odin's first haircut

Chillin’ with Garth


Odin's first haircut

This little face! <3


Odin loves any toy with a squeaker (Snakey Snake, Garth, & Ned), Beef Liver Treats, long walks, cuddles on the couch when he’s really tired, his kennel, the spot beside the couch (he’s a little too big for under it now), & pretty much any person he meets.

Odin doesn’t like to do anything he doesn’t want to do, being left alone for too long, antibiotics, having his feet wiped after a pee, & saying goodbye to Penny before he’s ready.




Odin's first haircut

Sitting like a good pup

Once again, I’ve got a little video on YouTube. It’s mostly a compilation from Snapchat & not the greatest quality, but it’s fun to make these little videos & look back Odas he grows. He’s changing so much every month!

We love you so much, little lion! xo

Odin \\ 12 weeks


Our little guy is 3 months old this week! I can’t believe we’ve already had him home for a month. He’s such an amazing addition to our home & we love him so much.


Still loves this position

Still loves this position

He’s growing like a weed & getting into everything. While he’s more work than I ever imagined, I also love him more than I thought possible. I guess¬†it’s an ok trade off.



This week N is back in town. I can’t wait to see these two bond some more over the next week. He’s pretty attached to me so I think it’ll be good for him to get some one on one time with N, & I’m looking forward to the break from biking home every lunch hour. Trying to manage his needs while working full time is a definite challenge.

At 12 weeks, Odin:

-loves to chew everything.

Odin & Snakey Snake

Odin & Snakey Snake

-doesn’t like to be left alone for too long.

Crated Odin
-has recently been introduced to peanut butter, & is a HUGE fan. Like huge.

Peanut Butter in his Puppy Kong

Peanut Butter in his Puppy Kong

PB Kong
-will reliably sit for treats.

Odin sit
-is learning to “leave it” & get “off”, for treats, of course.

-rings his bell to go potty outside more consistently every day.

-tolerates late-night snuggles.

Odin Snuggles
-loves his kibble.


-loves the yellow pillows & white blanket on the couch (probably cuz they’re off limits).

Running for a blanket attack

Running for a blanket attack

-adores people of all shapes & sizes (kids too!).

Meeting baby Sophia

Meeting baby Sophia

Kisses for Soph

Kisses for Soph

Odin & Sophia

-is starting to like other dogs. He had his first socialization class & it went pretty well.

He’s so playful, loving, & smart. I’m continually impressed by how quickly he manages to pick up things. We’re currently working on bite inhibition & hoping his puppy classes help with that. Everything is delicious to a puppy though!



In honour of this little milestone, I’ve compiled some of my videos of this little guy. It’s not great quality, but I’ll share it here anyway!

Happy 3 month Birthday to my little lion. We love you, Odin!

Odin \\ 9 weeks


Puppy update! We’ve had Odin a full week now & we’re all slowly adjusting to one another.¬†I know he’s going to grow & change so quickly, so I want to document it a little bit on here. I promise I will blog about other things still too though. Our lives have mostly revolved around him though lately.

Odin & Garth
Odin & Garth

My brother got him this huge monkey we’ve named Garth & he absolutely loves it. I’ve already had to sew its arm back on since it was partially ripping off. He gets pretty intense with it. It’s really cute.
Odin's Spot

Odin Kennel

Odin also loves hiding under the couch. He loves almost any tight, den-like space, but our couch is his favourite. Since the first night we brought him home, he’s gotten really comfortable with his kennel. He sleeps in it every night, which is great. I love that he has a place he feels really safe. We’re still getting up a couple times a night to let him out to pee since he has such a tiny bladder, but he’s really quick & goes straight back to sleep after. I’m really looking forward to when he can sleep through the night though.

Snakey Snake

Snakey Snake

Odin chew toy

Odin & Garth

Garth & Odin

Meet Odin

He’s been getting used to all his chew toys. He has quite a few now: a kong, a soft wool bone, Garth the monkey, Ned the anteater, Snakey snake, & a tug of war rope. Our friends have been making the rounds to meet him. He’s winning everyone over with his playful demeanour, soft fur, ¬†& adorable teddy bear face.

Sleepy Odin

Sleepy puppy

Sleepy Odin

Tuckered out from a long day

We’ve been working on housetraining & getting him used to being alone since he’ll have to spend at least half the day on his own. We’ve had some accidents, & I’m sure we’re making a million mistakes, but I think he’s moving in the right direction. Fingers crossed, anyway.¬†¬†Odin's New Treat

Odin Kennel

Odin relaxing

One of his favourite sleeping positions is still having both back legs stretched out behind him. Sometimes, he even stretches the front ones out too. I think it’s pretty hilarious.
Odin sleeps

Odin Sleeps

Odin Sleeps

So that’s Odin at 9 weeks. He’s a definite handful, but we love him so much & can’t wait to see how he grows & changes as the weeks progress.

Welcome Odin!


If you’ve been following me on twitter, you’re probably aware that we got a puppy. I’m out in BC picking up this adorable little addition to our family. He is seriously such a sweetheart. He’s already won me over & I’ve only really known him for part of a day.

First meeting Odin

Meeting Odin

Mom & Odin

Mom & Odin

Mom & I drove out to Sorrento this morning to meet our little man. We’d heard about Notch Hill Labradoodles through friends of ours & so far we couldn’t be happier with our choice. We’re staying with my grandma out in Vernon for the first couple nights to get him used to being without his mom & siblings before making the drive back home.

Odin in his crate

Odin in his crate

Sleepy Odin

Sleepy Odin

I’m a little bit nervous about our first night together – it’s been a bit of an overwhelming day for all of us, but hopefully it goes relatively well tonight. So far, our little pup loves small spaces & lots of cuddles. He’s got lots of energy & is figuring out the whole collar & leash thing. His name with the breeder was no collar boy, so I think it was a pretty tough adjustment to suddenly have something around his neck.
Odin loves small spaces




He even wanted to jump into this bag! Silly boy!

Welcome to the family, little Odin! We love you so much already!


Christmas 2015

DSC01975.JPGChristmas is all about traditions. I love learning of all the different ways families choose to celebrate. & I love my own family’s traditions.

Since getting married, we’ve spent one Christmas with my family followed by one with N’s. While we both enjoy spending the holidays with each other’s families, I think we’d both admit that our own traditions still rank the highest. It’s always a bit of a challenge when you both come from families that celebrate, but I think I’ve come to appreciate both more now that we each year is different.



Sleepy Lucky


That said,¬†it’s hard to complain about either option. We get pretty spoiled by both sides! This year, we stayed in Calgary to celebrate Christmas Eve & Day with N’s side. We headed over to his parent’s house after I got off work in the afternoon¬†&¬†spent the next 24 hours eating (seafood chowder, lobster, turkey, & everything in between!), drinking, playing games, skating, & enjoying each other’s company.


Boy & his dog


Christmas Morning


Bailey’s & Hot Chocolate

On Boxing Day, we woke up (a little later than we’d planned) & headed out to BC to visit with my family. We skied a half day at Panorama before heading out to my parents place near Fairmont Hot Springs.


N & I all bundled up!




Darth Brother & I

The next few days were filled with more food, more drinks, more games… Dad & I went for a short run, but for the most part, we relaxed & enjoyed the slower lake pace. I love getting out to the mountains this time of year – it feels especially festive. We even managed to fit in a quick visit with a girlfriend in Invermere before making our way back to the city.


Dad & I being goofs


Penguin Races

Our holiday traditions differ from year to year right now, but one thing remains constant Рthe love that surrounds us. I hope that remains the focal point for many years to come, whether we celebrate with our individual families or create our own new hybrid traditions.

Merry Christmas!


Wishing you a very Merry Christmas ‚Äď filled with family, friends, and all your wonderful Christmas traditions.

Thank you to all those of you who read this little blog from time to time. I am very grateful to all of those who stop by, letting me share a little bit of my life with you. It’s been a great year of blogging (& life!) for me & I’m looking forward to an even better 2016.

All the best for the new year!

A & N

’tis the season!

Christmas Tree

Our Christmas festivities started pretty early this year with the market & really haven’t let up all month. We’ve kept ourselves busy this December – so much so that I can hardly believe Christmas¬†is pretty much¬†already here. N is off until early January & my office is pretty quiet. I’m certain these last couple days will fly by.

In early December we picked up a tree from Scouts Canada. I insisted on a real one. I think they’re so special! &, of course, I¬†wanted the¬†first Christmas in our new house to be memorable. My parents have had several different colour schemes over the years so we inherited quite a few decorations. We really only had to pick up lights & some plain felt stockings to personalize (I love personalized stockings!). With the¬†few extras we’ve received as gifts, we’re¬†set up with¬†a pretty good Christmas ¬†collection.

We got him from¬†a Scouts Canada lot, which was a great experience all around. He’s a beautiful tree, & almost a month after purchase, he still looks great! I’d highly recommend them if you’re looking next year.¬†We named him Carlos (#CarlosChristmasTree).

Carlos Christmas Tree

Carlos looking just lovely!

The eggnog¬†was¬†flowing all month as we decorated, made Christmas crafts, watched our favourite movies, & celebrated with friends & family. Is there ever a bad reason to drink eggnog? (or your favourite holiday beverage – I’m also partial to mulled wine!)¬†I’m hoping all the running I’ve been doing balances it¬†out!


Eggnog + the Tree

Christmas Crafts

Ready to Craft!

Love Actually and Crafts

Love Actually + Crafts

I think it all turned out pretty great. I love our tree the best (we’ve added a few more decorations that my mom found since these photos were taken), but overall I’m quite¬†happy with how everything¬†turned out. Of course, I’m already thinking about fixing¬†up the white letters on our stockings so they’re easier to read.¬†Aside from¬†that little detail, it looks pretty sweet. As I’m coming up the street, I can catch a glimpse of Carlos all lit up in our front window. It’s one of my favourite parts of the day!


Christmas Stockings

Poor planning with those glittery white letters…

Christmas Tree

I can’t wait to finish up work this week & spend a few days with N’s family & then mine. I’ve got a couple more gifts to organize & pick up, but I’m mostly ready to go!

Hope you’ve had a fantastic December. Are you ready for the holidays? What’s your favourite way to prepare?

Holidays at the Lake

As I was packing to spend May Long weekend at the lake, I realized that I still hadn’t posted anything from my last two trips out there. We spent both Christmas & Easter with my family out at the lake & I took a few photos. I love spending time out there!¬†Most of the weekend consisted of¬†cooking & eating, but I captured a few moments from Christmas morning too. So here we go, a big old fashioned holiday photo dump!






N & his giant stocking



It’s not Christmas without a little sparkle




the freshest of figs

Dad decided to roast a couple ducks, which turned out incredible. You also get the added benefit of duck fat when you cook duck, which we proceeded to cook our potatoes in for the rest of the weekend. If you’ve never had potatoes fried in duck fat, I strongly suggest you get out there & try it.



Two sitting ducks



It turns out that carving a duck is completely different from carving a chicken, so unfortunately (ha!), we’re going to have to practice. More duck, please!


The next morning, I took a turn in the kitchen. I’d made a paleo banana bread the week before, so I decided to make banana bread french toast. Seems impressive, but it’s actually a very simple breakfast. My favourite kind of cooking.


I was also in charge of dinner on Saturday night. We didn’t have much planned that day so I decided to go with a slow braise. The leisurely pace of the prep for this type of meal is perfect for a quiet day at the lake.

I picked up a pork shoulder from my favourite butcher in Calgary, Bon Ton Meat Market. They’re a bit out of the way for us in their new location, but I know I can always trust them for specialty cuts (or any large roast, bone in). We also brought our extra large Staub out of storage at N’s parents. (We’re storing a lot of wedding gifts at both of our parents’ houses until we find a house.) I used that for this roast, since it was larger. I chose¬†this¬†Martha Stewart recipe, ¬†& the only thing I’d have done differently is trust my gut on the amount of liquid. It got a little low since my Staub is so large. It still turned out delicious.¬†Caramelized onions & bacon…need I say more? (I also thought it’d be funny to live tweet the process, so if you’re interested the hashtag was #deBoersmakedinner.)




DSC_0984 DSC_0985


Look at that awesome sear!



The next time we were up at the lake was for Easter. I literally only took food photos with my DSLR, although we did more than just eat. We also discovered a new ATV route, got a couple good runs in, & played some games.

I seem to have great timing for when my parents¬†chose to open some of the wines from their trip to France in 2006. They brought back some beauties & this Volnay¬†Clos des Ch√™nes was no exception! They also catered to me & served lamb again this year. I always joke that I don’t like ham, which isn’t entirely true. I love bacon¬†&¬†prosciutto, & I’d never turn down¬†a slice of Iberico Ham. When you put a glazed ham up against lamb though, lamb wins every time for me. (& don’t talk to me¬†about¬†turkey at Easter. No.)




Lamb > Ham, any day.




So there you have it¬†– all caught up on my holidays at the lake, always a very food-centric time for us. I assume if you’re reading this blog, you’re into that type of thing.

With N away for work right now, I’m bringing a couple girlfriends to the lake this weekend. There’s been talk of dad’s famous pizza, which should make it a little more difficult to focus through the final workday!

a proposal

Kelowna was the final leg of our vacation. We’d planned to meet up with some friends and run the inaugural Kelowna Wine Country Half Marathon on September 7th.

When we’d first signed up for the half marathon, N’s parents, his sister, and her boyfriend booked flights out to Kelowna for that weekend. At the time, I didn’t think much of it since N’s brother also lives in Kelowna. N explained that they thought it would be nice to spend the weekend together as a family vacation of sorts.

Race morning, I woke up not feeling so great. I’m sure the ridiculous amount of vacation type food had nothing at all to do with it. Planning to run a half marathon after 10 days of wonderfully rich food and drinks was not my most brilliant plan. We’d eaten more wheat in that week than we probably had all year. I’m sorry, tummy. You were understandably upset.

Nonetheless, we grabbed breakfast in the hotel, met up with our friends, and got in line for the bus to the start line. It was a long wait to get on the bus, but we all nervously chatted and jumped around to keep warm. We were the only veteran half marathoners in the group. Their nervous anticipation reminded me of my own before I ran Montreal. We finally got on a bus and made it to the start line with all the other runners. It was by far the smallest race I’ve ever run but our friends’ excitement, coupled with that of it being the inaugural race, was contagious.

It was the perfect day for a half marathon too – overcast and cool with a little rain. N and I generally run together for the first 12 km and then he takes off on his own. He’s a faster runner than I am, but I’m better at pacing so I reign him in and he reminds me that it’s supposed to be fun, at least that morning. I had some serious doubts that I was going to finish that race. My stomach was angry and my legs didn’t feel ready for the constant pounding from the huge amount of downhill in the race. In hindsight, he was probably pretty worried with all my talk of not finishing.

At 12 km, I was still going though and we parted ways. He reminded me that I didn’t need to run a best time and also mentioned that I should look for his family near the finish. He said his sister had made signs and his mom would have a surprise for us at the end. I was doubtful that his sister would be awake and slightly confused about what his mom would have for us, but I still didn’t think anything was going on.

As soon as he left me, things got much worse for my stomach. I started worrying that I really wasn’t going to finish the race and desperately needed to find a washroom. Of course, there were none to be found. I had switched to from 20 min of running and 1 minute of walking to 10 minutes of running. Every time I took a walk break, people encouraged me to keep going. All the people cheering along the half marathon routes are doing such an incredible thing for the runners. I’ve often wondered if I’d have made it through a lot of my races if it weren’t for them!

At 15 km, I gave in to my upset tummy and made a pit stop. It was definitely something I should have done earlier since I felt so much better afterwards and the rest of the race was a lot of fun. It finished along the boardwalk so for the final kilometer I could hear the announcer naming the finishers. I heard one of our friends finish and got pretty excited, considerably picking up my pace. I still hadn’t seen anyone from N’s family as I approached the finish line though.

A couple hundred meters out, someone unexpected caught my eye, waving a sign with my name on it – my mom. I had no idea she was going to be there so I waved excitedly and then took off for the finish line as fast as I could. She was standing right before the finish line so I didn’t notice much else besides the key to the end of my run.

As soon as I crossed I saw N standing at the finish with a rose. He gave it to me and probably said a few other things. I was pretty out of it from my final all out spring and exhaustion from the race itself so I don’t remember exactly what either of us said. I do remember, however, that he asked me if I’d seen the signs. I started telling him that I’d seen my mom holding a sign and had no idea she was going to be there.

N: “So you didn’t see the other signs?”

A: “The other signs? No? What?”

N: “Well you need to see the other signs.”

So I turn around and our families are holding signs that read: Alanna, will you marry me?

As I turned back around he got down on one knee and pulled out a ring. I can’t honestly remember what he said besides “will you marry me?”. I’m told I said yes pretty quickly afterwards. Tears, hugs, and laughter followed (on top of a lot of people asking if they could take our picture). It was pretty surreal.

It turns out both our families had been in on it the whole time. My parents and brother stayed in BC after our friend’s wedding so they could be a part of the proposal and N’s family had planned this weekend trip around it. He’d picked out the ring months earlier and had everything planned out so it would be a total surprise. I’m so impressed that not even a whisper got back to me or any of my friends.

I couldn’t have asked for a more thoughful proposal. He totally nailed it. While we waited for another friend to finish, we re-enacted the proposal so the rest of the family could get photos. That’s the photo the wound up on instagram and facebook a few hours later.

There was also a wine tasting for the runners so once everyone had finished up the race, we headed over to that. We enjoyed a few samples of wine, took some more pictures, and then headed back to our room to clean up. Both of our families met up at Earl’s for lunch and some drinks. It was nice to talk some more and hear stories from the few months previous: N and his sister picking out the ring, his mom keeping it at their house, N secretly driving out to my parents’ house to ask their permission. There were a lot of great stories.

The rest of the weekend involved a lot of great food with N’s family and lots of drinks and toasts and typical Kelowna things. We spent Saturday night celebrating with far too many drinks at Roses’ with his siblings and their boyfriend/girlfriend. It was an amazing weekend.

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