Happy Thanksgiving!

Odin de Boer

Happy Thanksgiving!¬†I feel so lucky to have more than I can begin to list to be thankful for. Most importantly though, I’m thankful for my wonderful friends & family. I only go to spend the day with one of my boys, but my family more than made up for it with a fabulous evening together.

I headed over to my parents house early in the day yesterday to start dinner. They were driving back from the lake that afternoon & joined in to help with dinner around 4. This was my second time cooking a turkey all on my own, & holy it’s a big job. I have to admit, I’m also thankful that my family is a once a year turkey family. I love to cook, but I don’t find turkey dinner a fun meal to cook. It’s a lot of waiting & basting, & hoping it all comes together well.

My parents have an amazing Viking range, which makes cooking a total joy!

My parents have an amazing Viking range, which makes cooking a total joy!

Playing with Odin while Tom the Turkey cooks!

Playing with Odin while Tom the Turkey cooks!

It wouldn't be fall in Calgary without a little snow.

It wouldn’t be fall in Calgary without a little snow.

Thankfully, my skills held up well & dinner turned out fabulous. I also made a delicious butternut squash sage soup (from the Practical Paleo cookbook I’m always going on about). My parents took care of the mashed potatoes, brussels sprouts, yams, & onions. Everything came together so well, & we were joined by my brother’s girlfriend & her father.

Table's all set!

Table’s all set!

Bringing out the nice china

Bringing out the nice china

My turkey masterpiece

My turkey masterpiece

First course: Butternut squash sage soup

First course: Butternut squash sage soup

Dad carving the turkey

Dad carving the turkey

With one of my boys

With one of my boys

Dad & his pal, Odin

Dad & his pal, Odin

Belly rubs from Uncle Adam are the best!

Belly rubs from Uncle Adam are the best!

I hope your Thanksgiving was equally lovely, wherever you are (or will be, if you celebrate American Thanksgiving in a few weeks). From my family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

September in Instagram

I feel like I’ve done so many recap style posts lately. I skipped last month’s IG recap though, so I wanted to make sure I got this one in. I really do like looking back on these, so I’m keeping them around for now! I promise I have some more exciting posts coming soon. I have a seawheeze draft going & a spring in Montreal post too, so there’s some travel stuff coming if that’s your jam! Here’s what we got up to in September, according to Instagram: instaport

  1. I kicked off the month with November Project at McMahon Stadium. This group of people is so awesome, & I’ve been loving the workouts every Monday & Wednesday morning!
  2. Stopped at Storm Mountain Lodge for the first time & fell in love. We’ve since booked an overnight stay in one of their cabins.
  3. This summer we were treated to so many local vegetables from friends’ gardens in the valley. These heirloom tomatoes were incredible! I think my parents are going to have to plant a garden soon so we can have some of our own.
  4. Wine touring around Kelowna. We spent a fabulous day drinking & learning about wine with Experience Wine Tours. I’ll write more about that later though – they deserve a real review!
  5. With some fabulous ladies & Bobby & Karla’s Summerhill wedding. It was so incredible to experience a Summerhill wedding as guests. We loved every minute. Great venue choice! ūüėČ
  6. Beakernight was such a huge success this year. From the venue, to the installations, everything went off without a hitch!
  7. When all your friends are in town & the weather’s nice, the Last Best patio is the place to be. With so many of our friends working out of town, we definitely have to make an effort to get together when we’re all here!
  8. Eating healthy all month wasn’t actually a huge challenge, especially since paleo allows for a lot of great food. These pumpkin pancakes from Practical Paleo are a long standing favourite of mine. Quick, easy, delicious: my kind of trifecta.
  9. These boys of mine are the best. I love watching them together, & can’t wait til N is back in town permanently so they can spend more quality time together.

That’s it for this month’s recap. Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian friends. This recap is a perfect example of just how much I have to me thankful for. xx

September Challenge \\ Finale

November Project Sunrise

Home stretch! The final week is more or less over, & I think it’s been a pretty successful month for everyone. Some of the girls set some pretty lofty fundraiser & health goals, which I totally respect. Go big or go home, right?

As for me, I’m feeling pretty awesome. It’s been a pretty successful month & I’m really pleased with some of the side effects I’ve experienced from #SoberSeptember (& paleo). So pleased, in facet, that I’m thinking of continuing it a little longer. I’d like to commit to a mostly Sober October as well. I’m out of town the first two weekends, so I know they won’t be perfect, but I’d like to make a conscious effort to continue eating pretty strict paleo & staying away from alcohol. I’ll allow myself a couple cheats, but N will be away again so it seems like a good opportunity to keep working hard. We’ve decided that if it goes well, we’ll¬†go for pizza & oysters at¬†a new (to us) spot to celebrate a great fall. Seems like a fair trade off to me.

Amazing Bam Bam Shrimp from the Domestic Man blog

Amazing Bam Bam Shrimp from the Domestic Man blog

Roast Sirloin & Adair Caesar Salad, side of spiralled potatoes

Roast Sirloin & Adair Caesar Salad, side of spiralled potatoes

Cheat Breakfast: Anju KFC

Cheat Breakfast: Anju KFC

Roast chicken with veggies

Roast chicken with veggies

Vietnamese lettuce wraps by Nom Nom Paleo are a new staple in our house

Vietnamese lettuce wraps by Nom Nom Paleo are a new staple in our house

Homemade Almond Butter Chocolate Cups

Homemade Almond Butter Chocolate Cups

Braised beef with carrots & arugula

Braised beef with carrots & arugula


Snacks with hubs: Duck Liver Mousse from Peasant Cheese (the best), homemade pickled carrots, & olives.

Snacks with hubs: Duck Liver Mousse from Peasant Cheese (the best), homemade pickled carrots, & olives.

I sometimes¬†forget just how great I feel when I eat paleo. I generally average under 8 hours of sleep per night. With morning workouts & evening commitments, I’ve been getting less sleep lately, but have way more energy. It’s my favourite side-effect. (I’m sure the extra workouts have been helping too.) I’d also normally break out at some point this month, but my skin showed no real signs of a breakout. Even my psoriasis seems to be laying low. It’s been a great reminder that I should make more of an effort to eat this way more consistently.

Bocce Handstands

Bocce Handstands


Daily bike to work. It’s getting quiet in the cage at work.


Spin with some lovely ladies!

Early AM

Ready for an early morning workout!

The best part of this whole month for me was joining November Project. I’m totally hooked & can see myself continuing to attend. I’m not sure if I’ll always be able to make it both Mondays & Wednesdays, but I’d love to go as often as possible. I actually don’t have to get up too much earlier than I normally would & I just pack my bag, prep my meals, & lay out my workout clothes the night before. This week I also got back in the pool, which was a humbling experience. I hope to make it out to a practice once in a while this year – it’s such a good challenge for me.


Early morning abs


Speech time!


Group Hug!



Crab walks


Amazing sunrise after the 600s workout


Banner for our sister city, LA.


On the fundraising side, I’m at 60% of my goal for the month. I’ve added my $65 donation to the mix for the cheat meals & drinks. I’m pretty happy that I managed to mostly stick to my goal, aside from in Kelowna. I even went out a few times with friends without having more than the wine I was allowed, so I don’t feel like I missed out on too much this month. Thank you to everyone who donated to my campaign. If you would still like to donate, today’s the day. This it it! (We made it, ladies!!) Check out my¬†campaign page¬†for more information or to add a donation to the cause. All proceeds go to cervical cancer research at the BC Cancer Foundation.

Thank you for your support! #FuckCancer

Odin \\ six months


Happy Half Birthday, Odin! Our little buddy officially reached the six month milestone on Saturday. I’ve been looking back at photos & it’s so unreal how much he’s grown & changed since we first brought him home in May. Don’t get me wrong, he’s still very much a puppy, but he’s calmed significantly & learned so much. He’s also grown substantially. I mean, look at this progression here:

odin-8.16.26 weeks

8 wks, 16 wks, & 26 weeks

odin-16 & 26 wks

16 wks & 26 wks

He reliably sits,¬†shakes,¬†& lays down for us now, so I think I’ll be able to¬†more easily get¬†photos that show his growth better. For a while, I was just happy to get one without him moving!¬†The most recent photos in that little collage were taken last week, & he’s so shaggy right now. We’re getting him groomed this week since he can barely see at this point. It’s adorable, but he’s¬†run into N’s legs a couple times. They play pretty intensely.


Loves his Kong & his mat


Belly rubs


Cuddles after a trip. This lasted like three seconds.


Cuddles generally last under 5 minutes


Really, really into paper


Bye bye baby teeth!


Cuddles with daddy


Cuddles & crazy eyes

He’s still not that into cuddles, but he’s started¬†to seek them out from time to time. It’s generally short lived, but I’m totally relishing it.¬†¬†He’s also really into paper & destroyed a whole bunch of bills one day. I’m not sure how he managed to get to them, but hasn’t jumped out of his pen, but I won’t complain. We just can’t leave any paper around him. He even ate the label off the front of his kennel! He seems to have lost most, if not all, of his baby teeth at this point. He seemed to have a rough go of teething, so we’re pretty stoked to be out of that phase & back to eating normally.

He’s been such a gem around kids too. I’m so glad to have some friends with toddlers so he could be exposed to them early. He’s always been really gentle. I took him to some Beakerhead stuff & there were so many kids. He never got rough with them & let them manhandle him without complaint. I was so impressed. He was also great with my coworker’s young son when I brought him in to the office. It’s such a relief to not have to worry about him around kids, especially as more of our friends start having them!


Leading the way through a maze of bottles!


He was a bigger hit than the bunnies at nibbles!


A fuzzy pup in a fuzzy car! (Taste of That Thing in the Desert)


Sharing her pumpkins with O


Charming the Beakerhead volunteers


A very tired doodle after a night at Taste of That Thing in the Desert. I belted him in to stop my passenger warning from beeping.


& being his charming self with my coworkers

N is still working a lot up North, so I took him out the BC on my own for September long. The weather wasn’t amazing, but we made lots of time for some nice walks. I think he really loves being out there. There’s so much for him to explore. He can’t quite go on hikes yet, but we’ve been taking him on longer & longer walks when we have the time. I love taking him down to the river & exploring around St Patrick’s Island or Prince’s Island Park.


“Hikes” at the lake


Just the sweetest little face


Not such a little guy anymore




Working on being a water dog!


My boys!

Once again, I’ve overloaded this post with photos. I really can’t help it though – he’s so darned cute! We love him so much! I also put together a little video for YouTube. It’s pretty low quality, but I still really enjoy documenting his¬†growth on video.

& is anyone really gonna complain about puppy videos? I didn’t think so.


We love you Odin!


Mom (& Dad)

September Challenge \\ Week Two

November Project

The second week of this challenge was, as expected, more difficult. Since we’d already booked a wine tour in Kelowna & would be attending a wedding, I opted to donate $50 to the BC Cancer Foundation in order to partake in this lovely weekend away. We ate well, drank an assortment of beautiful local wines, & danced our butts off. It was more than worth the expense.

I think this tells you everything about how much fun we had at Bobby & Karla's wedding.

I think this tells you everything about how much fun we had at Bobby & Karla’s wedding.

Getting back into the heathy living swing of things was tough, but I managed to do pretty well. I did take advantage of my daily wine allowance a couple times last week, but I also got lots of great workouts in, & managed to stay on track with my meals. Even with N in town, enjoying ice cream, pizza, & beer a couple times this week, I resisted the urge to partake. I think the “first” full week is actually the hardest part, & I’m going into this next one feeling like I’m over the hump.

lettuce wraps

My friend Zoe recommended we make the above lettuce wraps. They don’t look like much of anything, but trust me when I say, they are amazing. Make them. They’re so easy!


L & I have been really great about biking to & from work. High five, friend!

Last week was particularly busy for me, so we didn’t make a lot of super exciting recipes. I had dinner out twice too, actually: once at the Coup & once at Van Son. Both times, I managed not to cheat, which was pretty awesome. I’d never been to the Coup before, but I really enjoyed it. The entire menu is vegetarian, & I almost didn’t miss having meat in my meal. Plus, I finally got to have what felt like a real dessert after a few days of N eating ice cream in front of me.

the coup

My salad at the Coup

the coup

Coconut Lemon “Square”


Random lunch: roasted yams, tuna salad with pickled carrots, bacon & kale chips.


Spiralized cucumber salad & dilly basa

Once again I made it to November Project on Wednesday morning. Gymnastics also started back up that nigh,t & after class, I stuck around for Open Gym & did a very handstand-centric workout with our coach, Tanis. I realized halfway through that I was getting 4 hours-worth of exercise that day. Needless to say, I was pretty sore over the weekend. I had a few Beakerhead commitments that kept me active though, & we helped friends move on Saturday morning. I think I more than fulfilled my workout obligations!

NP Skyline

Not a bad view of the city after an early morning workout

November Project

Killer hill repeats

November Project

Tricep dips at sunrise

November Project

NP Crew

I managed to prepare two really nice meals, despite our hectic weekend. First was Gyudon from the Domestic Man. It’s such an easy recipe, but the flavour is awesome & it looks quite impressive. The second was Sunday brunch. Our friends were hosting us for football, but I didn’t want to inconvenience them or go hungry,¬†so we ate beforehand. I prepared my favourite pumpkin pancakes & cooked some maple beef sausages from our Grazed Right stash. We topped them with some preserved peaches from family.



Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

Pumpkin Pancakes, Peaches, & Sausage

I kicked off this week with November Project this morning at Shaw Millennium Park. We did a workout using our phone numbers, which was pretty fun. It was a great way to start the week. I’m on track to have a great fitness week with NP Wednesday morning, gymnastics Wednesday night, spin Thursday night, & bocce on Saturday. I’m excited!

November Project


November Project

Tricep Train

More than halfway through this challenge & I’ve raised $100. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated to my campaign. With my (possibly growing) contribution, I’m almost halfway to my donation goal!¬†(I MAY have some brunch plans coming to add, which will put me even closer! EEK!) I’ve love following along with the other ladies in this challenge – they’re all doing great & raising money for a great cause!

If you‚Äôd like to donate, or find out more, check out my¬†campaign page. Otherwise, follow along on snapchat or instagram (whoalansi for both) ‚Äď I‚Äôd love to see you at November Project, on a run, or at spin, so hit me up for a workout sometime! #FuckCancer

September Challenge \\ Week One

Sober September

We’re one week into the FFPK Healthy Living Challenge to raise money & awareness for Cervical Cancer through the BC Cancer Foundation, & it’s been a fantastic start. I’ve been eating such healthy & delicious meals, & getting lots of activity in.

I spent the long weekend in BC with my parents & we ate like kings! Their neighbour had brought over some delicious vegetables from her garden, & then we were given even more from my girlfriend’s parent’s garden too. We had fingerling potatoes, dill, mint, heirloom tomatoes, beets, kohlrabi, zucchini, black walnuts, spaghetti squash, &¬†kale. Everything was incredible! I can’t wait for my parents to plant a garden of their own out there!

heirloom tomato

heirloom tomato

fingerling potatos

fingerling potatos

For workouts, I went for a couple extra long walks with Odin, in addition to his usual 15 minute ones. I think his favourite was going down to the lake & getting a swim in, but I really loved going out to the lookout point for the first time. It’s a gorgeous walk. I had done a huge stair workout with November Project at McMahon Stadium last Wednesday to kick things off, & I went again this morning. It was PR day so I set my first one: 10 times up & down the memorial stairs in 40 minutes. I also did some running with my dad & will be adding some more bodyweight workouts this week for a little variety.¬†Gymnastics starts back up next Wednesday too & I can’t wait!

Sober September

November Project at McMahon

Sober September

Banff Hike

Sober September

Lookout Point, Columbia Lake

Sober September

Hikes with Odin

Sober September

Laische’s first day of bike commuting!

Sober September

November Project Views

I’ve been using some of my go-to recipes over this first week: chicken thighs with roasted beets, cumin spiced pork tenderloin with root vegetables, big ass salads, & egg bites (for breakfast). I’m really used to eating paleo at this point, so cutting out grains & bread isn’t something I have to wrap my mind around. I generally eat that way at home anyway, so it’s just sticking to it more closely this month.¬†My friend, Zoe, sent me a few fantastic paleo recipes that I can’t wait to try this month so I’ll try to post how those turn out. If you follow along on instagram, I post most of my food with the hashtag, #deBoerDinners.

Sober September

Paleo Pumpkin Biscuit, Eggs, Tomato, & Bacon

Sober September

Egg & Red Pepper Scramble with Pumpkin biscuit.

Cumin Pork Tenderloin

Cumin Spiced Pork Tenderloin with Root Vegetables

Kale Chips

Kale Chips

The hardest thing for me this week was abstaining from alcohol & dairy. My parents always put out an amazing appetizer spread at the lake. It usually includes cheese, & this time was no exception. Luckily, I came prepared with homemade pickled carrots & duck liver p√Ęt√©.¬†While I was still quite envious of their cheese selections, it helped to have some equally delicious options for myself. I also managed to hold myself to my allotment of wine over the weekend¬†&¬†substituted my usual patio drink with Kombucha or water. Planning ahead has always¬†been the key to success for me.

I tested myself again a little yesterday when I picked up some fudge for N as a special surprise after his knee surgery (just a scope, nothing serious!).¬†The smell of that fudge was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I didn’t indulge.

Pickled Carrots

Pickling Carrots

Pickled Carrots

This week will be a little bit different with us heading out to Kelowna for a wedding. I will be buying out on Friday for a¬†wine tour &¬†Saturday for the wedding. I’m glad to have this as an option so I can still participate in the rest of the month!

Thank you to everyone who has donated to my campaign so far! You guys are the best! I’ve raised $90 toward my $350 goal. Thank you!!! ¬†If you’d like to donate, or find out more, check out my campaign page. Otherwise, follow along on snapchat or instagram (whoalansi for both) – I’d love to see you at November Project, on a run, or at spin, so hit me up for a workout sometime! #FuckCancer

2016 Cancer Fundraiser


Last year, my girlfriend completed a no makeup challenge to raise funds & awareness for the BC Cancer Foundation. It was the inaugural fundraising challenge for the female chapter of Family Photos Kelowna. The “family” shares the same fundraising & awareness goal across all chapters.

When this years’ challenge opened, I decided I wanted to take part. This September, FFPK is committing to 30 days of healthy living. As summer is my favourite time to indulge a little more, this challenge seemed like the perfect fit. The added bonus of raising money for a good cause made it a no brainer.

There are some general guidelines for the challenge, but everyone has been encouraged to make it their own. I love reading everyone’s personal goals & outlook on what a month of healthy living means to them. You can check out all the campaigns here;¬†there’s an awesome assortment of things going down this month.

For me, I’ve noticed I feel my best when I’m not eating gluten, soy, or dairy. I know Paleo can be a little controversial sometimes, but I’ve never felt better than when I eliminated those few things from my diet. I also find it keeps my psoriasis in check, which is an amazing side effect. I’m excited to get back on track¬†for a full month. Although we’ve never fully gone back to our old way of eating, I’ve enjoyed a lot of cheese & a fair bit of beer over the summer.

In addition to eating Paleo this month, I’ll be severely cutting alcohol. The challenge allows for half a glass of red wine a day. There’s a penalty if we cheat on this rule so I will be donating $20 for the two days I’m in Kelowna this month for a wine tasting & a wedding. Aside from that, my goal is to stick to no drinking.

Fitness-wise, I’m endeavoring to get my sweat on 3x a week for at least 30 minutes. I’ve been meaning to check out the November Project for a while & this is the perfect opportunity to get my butt in gear. I’m kicking it off tomorrow at McMahon Stadium, & I’d love to see some of my lovely friends out there if they’re up for it. (Meet at the SE Gate at 6:13 AM!) I’ll also be biking, running, spinning, swimming, & getting my gymnastics on this month!

You can find my personal campaign here, but a donation isn’t the only way you can support me this month. Cheerleaders are just as valuable in a challenge of this kind, so I hope at least some of you are willing to join me in a workout from time to time (or simply remind me to get my ass out of bed & to November Project). Let’s get after¬†it, friends!

Odin \\ 20 weeks

ODIN (2)

I’m a little bit behind on this month’s post, & honestly, it’s mostly going to be photos. I figure that probably isn’t an issue though. Who doesn’t like puppy photos?!

Odin Stampede

Stampede Puppy Party

O & N

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin

Penny & Odin, BFFs

Odin Cuddles

This month was a busy one for us, & Odin spent some time with his “cousin”, Penny. Those two can play for hours. Penny really holds her own too, even though she’s a fraction of the size. Developmentally, I’m noticing the biggest leaps in the way Odin plays with others. At 16 weeks, he was much more aloof & didn’t really know how to mouth them gently. He is still nippier than an older dog, but he’s learning!

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Puppy Party

Odin Odin


Adorable bandana from Bark YYC. Thanks Jan!!

He also had a couple opportunities to play with Willow, my friend D’s three-legged rescue. She’s an incredible dog, but the first time they played, Odin was so young & had no idea how to handle her play style. Now they chase each other around & roll & jump. It’s so fun to watch him figure it out. She has this absolutely lovely backyard right behind Nosehill park that I suspect we’ll be frequenting pretty often for puppy playdates.


Reppin’ FFPK



New Mat Odin

new mat

He also did some swimming this month. First in a pool at daycare & then in the lake. I wish I had saved the snapchat videos I made, but I totally dropped the ball on that one. I do have some pretty cute photos of him in the water with me though. We managed to get him to jump off the back of the boat twice on his own before he got scared. To be fair, it did seem pretty high for him, so I’m quite proud of him for being so brave! (I tried to group all the little swimming photos together, cuz I can’t choose which to post!) He was a total gem out at the lake & we had a great weekend with my parents!

Odin Swimming

Swimming Lessons

Odin Doggy Paddlin'

Doggy Paddlin’


Always watching us in the water

O & N

My Boys


Dad & Odin


Odin sleeps

Tired, wet pup

Odin still doesn’t love being left alone, but he deals with it much better. A couple weeks ago, I decided to take away his puppy pad since he was just eating them & the idea of him ingesting the weird absorbent goo bothered me, & he’s had relatively few “accidents”. I still bike him every day at lunch to let him out & give him some lunch, but he’s doing a great job at making it for four hours.

Odin & Adam

Odin & Adam

Watchdog Odin

Watch Dawg


On Your Mat

On our mats! ūüėČ


We still tend to go through a rough patch after N leaves. I think his schedule really confuses Odin. It’s tough going from having your buddy home all day to never seeing him. Poor guy is probably so confused. That rough patch seems so far behind us now though. We’ve moved on to a new one: eating. At first, I thought he was just teething, but we went to the vet & he might actually have some worms. We’ve got some antibiotics so he should be on the mend now. I’m hoping that’s the solution. I miss my happy little eater!

Odin's Gift

Our friends got N a lovely little gift!

Odin & Vi

Odin & Vi are the sweetest together!




Odin spoons monkey

Spooning Garth

I’ve tried to narrow down the photos on this post. When I first uploaded them, there were 75. It’s tough though with an adorable mug like Odin’s. Everyone thinks their pup is the cutest, & I am certainly no exception.

Happy 5 month birthday, Odin! You’re almost half a year. I love watching you grow & going on adventures. I can’t wait for everything in store in the coming months!


Mom (& Dad)

Rio 2016

London Olympic Pool

These Olympics. Wow, ¬†these Olympics have been incredible. The women’s teams have put on an impressive showing so far, & I’m especially proud of the Canadian women’s swim team.

I know Swimming Canada promised to turn the program around more than a decade ago, but I still wasn’t completely prepared for them to follow through on that promise. The women’s team has stepped up this year. They’re here to show the world what they’re made of & I couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ve always loved the water, so it wasn’t a stretch when I decided I wanted to try my hand at racing. Over the next 8 years, competitive swimming became my passion. I lived, breathed, ate, & drank the koolaid (chlorine-aid?). I’d finally found my sport & it was my everything.

When it came time to “retire”, I wasn’t ready to leave the pool behind. I took on a team manager role for the Dinos & ¬†started volunteering as an assistant coach for my former club team, UCSC. It was an incredible experience. I coached for several years before moving away for school. During that time I met so many great kids (who I’m now more likely to watch swim on TV or run into at the office. How’s that for making you feel old!). Maybe I shaped them, but I hope that, at the very least, the sport did. The sport shaped me like little else would, & I can only hope it did the same for them.

This week, I’ve watched these incredible women race their hearts out. They’ve blown me away. I’ve cried¬†from sheer happiness for each of their successes, be it a podium finish, a PR, or simply a really tough race. Each has left me overcome with emotions & pride. This is what I’ve always hoped Canadian swimming could be. This is inspiring. They’re making history & I’m so happy to bear witness. I couldn’t ¬†have dreamed up a better Olympic games performance, & it’s not even over yet!

This is everything I hoped for and more.

July in Instagram

& just like that we’re halfway through the summer. How does this time of year always go by so quickly?! I think it’s likely because there is so much going on in the beginning of July. We kick things off with Canada Day & then it’s go go go from there, with Stampede & my own birthday as well. It was a fantastic month, & I’m a little sad it’s already over, but here’s what we got up to, according to Instagram.


  1. Celebrating the lovely Karla with a wine tasting, brunch, Banff Springs spa day, dinner, & party bus bar crawl. Such a fun weekend with a great group of ladies!  #gettinghutched
  2. Odin got his first haircut & looks adorable. Since his cut, you can really see how long his legs are. He looks like a gangly teenager instead of a little fluff ball!
  3. We kicked off Stampede week by spending the first Saturday at our favourite tent, Nashville North. Dancing, great friends, & many rounds of drinks made for a fun night!
  4. Week two of Stampede, we were back at it. This time we met up with more of N’s friends & his sister & her friends. It was a hilarious (& ridiculous) night at the tent!
  5. Our delicious birthday (x3) meal at the Nash with my family. My birthday this year was all about great eats.
  6. Another birthday dinner, this time with my girl friends. We shared an incredible assortment of wine & small plates, & the totally spoiled me. My friends are fantastic!
  7. Dog Party! My best friend bought a house & it has this INCREDIBLE backyard. It’s seriously the best! We’re excited for many many dog parties. I love watching our pups play!
  8. Backyard wine dates with my work wife. She’s a member of Kelowna Female Family Photos, an awesome cancer fundraising group. We love their apparel. These tanks are the softest & comfiest I’ve ever worn! Check ’em out – it’s for a good cause so you don’t even have to feel guilty.
  9. We took little O out to the lake this weekend & did some swimming. He jumped off the back of the boat twice (to save me, of course), but isn’t super stoked about it. It’s a little high for him right now. He really enjoyed swimming for sticked off the shore though. He’s gonna be a water baby!

August & September are a little bit slower than July, which should be nice. I’m running the #Seawheeze next weekend, but the rest of the month is really chill. I think we will likely celebrate our wedding anniversary with a nice dinner, so if you have any suggestions, let me know (maybe Royale?!). Then in September, N gets knee surgery & we head to wedding in Kelowna. I can’t wait to pick up some more wine & celebrate a lovely couple.

Did you find this month flew by, or was it just me? How are you making the most of the rest of your summer?