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I love cooking, eating, and entertaining friends, so hosting a potluck is a pretty fun night if you ask me. A couple months ago, we had a few of my coworkers and their men over for a couples game night. It was a fun night, filled with delicious food and friendly competition.

We’ve had a few potlucks this year so I knew I had some good recipes I could whip up, but I wanted to try something new. I’d just bought two new cookbooks (Chuck’s Day Off and Gather) and I was way to excited about them both. I decided to go with a recipe from Chuck’s book. I eventually would like to try all the recipes. The majority aren’t paleo or even gluten free, but he really knows his way around a kitchen. His restaurant, Garde Manger, in Montreal is one of my very favourites. If you ever find yourself in Montreal, I highly recommend you go for oysters, lobster poutine, and steak at his restaurant. Or try out Le Bremner. It is certainly on my list of must visits.

I settled on a cheese and tomato tart. It was relatively easy to make and was both beautiful and delicious. It was a lot like a pizza, but with a buttery phyllo pastry base. I remade it tonight and added prosciutto. It was a welcome addition and I’d definitely do it again. Can you really go wrong with prosciutto?

I also decided to make some mojitos. They’re one of my favourite summer drinks. There’s something so refreshing about a delicious mojito with fresh lime and mint. Not only that, but they’re really simple and I was itching to bust out the shaker we got as a housewarming gift.

In addition to my tart, we had some delicious wings, mixed veggies, and salad roles. Z definitely stole the show with his roast beef though. I think it came out perfect! These pictures make my mouth water a little bit. (And I’m quite jealous of that gorgeous knife!)

I’d put my camera away by the time we did dessert. Nathan made his delicious ginger molasses cookies and we picked up Salted Caramel gelato from Fiasco to make ice cream sandwiches. They were a pretty big hit. 
All in all, it was an awesome evening with delicious food and great company! There are so many more recipes from both of my new cookbooks that I’m looking forward to trying. I take them to bed regularly and daydream about what recipe I’m going to try next. Maybe it’s time for another potluck soon?

June in Instagram

I have been seriously neglecting this blog lately. I’ve taken so many photos and planned so many posts, but it just hasn’t come together for me when it comes to actually sitting and blogging. I’m even a few days behind on my Instagram recap here! 
Calgary was recently hit with some major flooding. It was unbelievable. I never thought it was possible for so much of the city to end up underwater. Luckily, we live up a huge hill (as do most of our friends) so we were virtually unaffected. Instead we volunteered our time to the families who were and I’m so proud of our city for coming together in such awesome ways. 
I have some flood pictures so let’s move on to the recap. I’m sure we’ll be talking about the Alberta Flood for a long time, but there were so many other great things that happened in June so I’m going to focus on those for now. 

1. We kicked off the month by climbing Ha Ling Peak. It was great start to the hiking season and I really hope it continues. There are so many great hikes in the area and sometimes there’s really nothing better than standing on top of mountain.
2. Fiasco Gelato opened a pop-up in the Bridgeland Market near our place. They gave out free scoops, so of course we had to check it out.
3. N and I celebrated 4 years together this month. We had a fantastic dinner at Cucina. I can’t say enough good things about this restaurant or about this amazing guy I’m with. Happy Anniversary!
4. Stumptown Coffee has opened up at Luke’s Drug Mart. It’s a stone’s throw from our house so it’s quickly becoming a Saturday ritual to stop in for some coffee and a treat.
5. The burpee challenge went on throughout June. I don’t love burpees. No one loves burpees. I hope I at least inspired some people to move a little bit more.
6. The flood. The photos are unreal, the damage is heartbreaking, the way the city came together is so inspiring. #CalgaryStrong.
7. I’ve been hanging out at Mission Fitness once a week, doing CrossFit. We did rope climbs last week and I loved it. (Obviously!)
8. Flood party with my Liver. She’s pretty freaking awesome. We played an #calgaryflooddrinkinggame cuz we’re…terrible people.
9. We spent the long weekend out at the lake with my parents. Lots of sun, boating, and wake boarding. I can’t get enough of it and am definitely disappointed to be back.

Alright, summer. Let’s do this. I’m more than ready for July, Stampede, my birthday, and all the awesome that comes with my favourite month!

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