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The new year is in full swing. We’re back at work & I’m finally getting back into our routines. Even though I had plenty of time to edit photos last week, they sat on my camera until tonight when I realized it was about time I posted about Christmas!

I don’t have a whole lot to say. We had a lovely Christmas; we got crazy spoiled as always. N & I spent Christmas Eve until Boxing Day at hiss parents house this year: eating everything from lobster & chowder to turkey & stuffing. We went skating, taught his siblings a new board game, & watched lots of movies.

After N finished work on Boxing Day we loaded up the car & headed out to Columbia Valley. We stayed overnight with a friend of mine in Invermere so we could ski Panorama in the morning. I always enjoy staying in Invermere overnight; the drive up to Panorama is so quick. Not to mention we were served a lovely breakfast & coffee before hitting the slopes. My girlfriend has this great new place near the lake & we weren’t in a huge rush to get up the mountain so we took our time catching up over eggs, bacon, & hashbrowns.

The skiing itself was pretty good – nothing spectacular, but nothing to complain about for December either. That night we headed out to my parents’ place further down the valley. My dad make his incredible pizza & we exchanged gifts with my family. The rest of the weekend was spent enjoying the country: skating, relaxing, reading, & enjoying each other’s company.

It was great to spend time with each of our families & get away from the city for a bit. It always feels like a bit of a holiday even if it’s just for a couple days.

Happy New Year all!

Tree Trimmin’

It doesn’t really ever feel like Christmas until we have a tree and one of the best things about spending the holiday out at the lake is getting to pick one out from the forest. Normally, my dad and brother go out to hunt for one, but this year brother had to work. N and I went out to help Dad find one instead.

Heading out to find a tree.

The three of us piled into the truck and headed down the highway to find a nice tree. Normally there isn’t too much snow up there in December. This year there was a ton, making turning the truck around on the narrow road a bit difficult. Dad dropped us off to find a tree while he went looking for a way to turn the truck around.

Nathan sawing down our tree in camoflage. 

The snow was so deep, even my Sorels couldn’t keep it out! We were soaked, but we found our tree, successfully cut it down, and stuffed it in the back of the truck.

Snow covered Sorels
The boy

My brother arrived that evening and Mom put him right to work. We always do a pretty simple tree since we’re in the country. Mom gets the boys to put on some lights and a star and then adds a few simple ornaments.

Lots of help trimming the tree

Mom loves having us wrap our gifts in brown craft paper. She says it goes with the country feel at the lake. We all indulge her with this and it does end up looking really beautiful.

Presents all ready under the tree

I also made some home-made ornaments this year with some girlfriends. We got the idea from A Beautiful Mess (Thanks Elsie & Emma!) and, although ours didn’t turn out as well as theirs, they were pretty cute. I gave a lot away as gifts, but some ended up on the tree as well.

Joyeux Noel 

Noel Noel Noel

We haven’t had the lake house for that long (only 5 years), but our tradition of getting our own tree and setting it up together on Christmas Eve has become one of my favourites.

Well, that and my Christmas Day 5 km run. Everyone else thinks that one’s a bit crazy though, even if I did convince Dad and N to join me this year. 

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