I’ve had the same blog for 7 years & I’m somewhat attached to it. I’m having a hard time converting over to this blog. I dunno what it is…it’s just…not the same. Although, I don’t write in the old one often, it feels comfortable & broken in. & there are so many memories on it. I’m not sure if I’m ready to give it up yet…So until I decide, I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating this one…perhaps every so often, but don’t hold you breath.

I got my pay slip today from Starbucks and as with most things in France, I don’t understand much of it. First of all there is a huge list of shorthanded deductions & taxes & abonnements & god know what else. Plus, I don’t think any of the extra time that I worked was logged…but I dunno how to tell for sure. It’s kind of confusing. I guess if I looked at a Canadian pay stub & wasn’t used to it then it would be the same thing, but I don’t remember a time when this happened. My pay stubs at home have always been so straightforward: EI, Union dues, EPP, OT, Reg, Income Tax…Gross pay, Net pay….yearly. I understand it all. But what the hell is Indemnité de Blanchissage. & how is that my gross pay is 679 euros & my net pay is 582 euros…& how can my bulletin de paye come out for the period of dec 1-dec 31 when I haven’t worked one of my shifts yet…I don’t get this. I think I’ll be having a little chat with Lionel or Elisabeth so they can explain to me all this stuff. Oh ya, & what about the hours that I worked extra…Sometimes I swear Canada is so much straight forward, I swear.