Never again will I have to hold in my laughter when someone orders a “petit starbucks SVP” or an “tall instant de plenitude.” Today was my last shift at Starbucks. It was a bit sad. I’m really awful at goodbyes so I wasn’t at all looking forward to it, but I got lots of hugs & kisses (especially from Lionel who also offered me a MUG award). It was nice. They all had really nice thing to say as well.

Thursday evening we had our meeting about the new campaign that starts on Wednesday. At the end of it they gave me one of the picture mugs with photos of all of them (& me!) & stamps from all the different coffees. It was really cute & will always remind me of them & how great they all were. 

the cute mug they made me
Villeurbanne was a great store to work at. I remember being sad at first that they were transferring me there. I felt like Papa (as everyone refers to Lionel Becker, our DM) thought I couldn’t handle the fast paced insanity of Republique. In the end though, Villeurbanne is much more what Starbucks is to me & I enjoyed going to work at lot more than I ever did at Rep. After working for Nadya, I can’t imagine going back to working for Elisa. Nadya is so much more laid back. There’s time to talk & joke & have fun. & she joins in in it all. They even refer to her as Tall because of how short she is (she’s the same size as a Tall). You’d never catch anyone coming up with a nickname like that for Elisa. 
Friday night was my going away party. I’d promised everyone at Rep that I’d do something to say goodbye seeing as I don’t see any of them anymore. Funny thing is, none of them really showed except Tonia. Anyways, we went to Café Léon after work on Friday for tapas. I’d been before, but had never actually eaten. I’d heard really good things about it & they were all true. We all shared sangria & then Kate, Anne & I split some patatas bravas, bread con tapenade & deep fried fish. It was really good! Rachel had made her famous muffin cake & so that was a lovely surprise. They even brought caramel & vanilla pudding as a topping. 

Anne & I at Café Léon

Gums & Mie

Maureen et Alexis

my muffin cake from Rach!

Afterwards we headed over to the quai to have some beer & wine & hang out. We were supposed to go to the Bec du Jazz, but it was a nice night so everyone wanted to go to the quai. It wasn’t bad…not great, kinda windy & cold & none of us were all that into partying…but it was good to see everyone together. & I’m glad I was able to get a soirée with my Starbucks friends in before I left. I’m going to miss them all. 

trifecta on the quai

Of course, to make sure I don’t forget them, or my time at Starbucks…I’ve picked up a few souvenirs. (Plus I really wanted a French press & one of our regulars got me a couple lollies on my last day. Cute). 
my Starbucks stuff

vous allez tous me manquer
je vous embrasse