So I just got a new mac. I’m typing on it as we speak. There are many reasons why I’m stoked about this (my old one was 5 years old & just wasn’t working any longer), but one is that it won’t take me 5 million hours to create a blog post. This means I may actually blog. Hurrah! Exciting, right?

As you can see, I’m totally playing it cool. Just hanging out in my shades, on my bed, and my macbook isn’t burning my legs. This is big, guys. My old mac was always burning my legs.

If you haven’t noticed, I’m a bit of a nerd. I’ve got a French keyboard, I wear sunglasses indoors (by myself, in my bed, when it’s dark), and I’m about to admit to everyone* that the most exciting part of my night was reorganizing all my bookmarks in Safari (*all 2 people who read this blog). But seriously, is there anything more exciting than all your stuff being organized? I really need to do this with my iPhoto…and the rest of my life.

I obviously need to update more often because that leads into the fact that Nathan and I finally found a place to live! After over 2 months of searching, we are moving to Crescent Heights on Aug 1. I am so excited.

I’m also slightly terrified of the 15 years worth of stuff I have to pack up from my parents house and move into a new place. Wish me luck. (Seriously, I’m going to need it!)