It’s pretty sad that my last post was October in Instagram. I really need to get better at this blogging thing. Now that we’re not running all the time, I should have more time for this. I hope. Is it just me, or do I say that all the time? Oh well, on to Instagram!

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1. D and I being very matching and celebrating a couple of awesome November babies’ Birthdays!
2. I did a lot of running in the winter weather while training for Vegas. Typical evening run.
3. My parents got me new skis as a combined Birthday and Christmas present. I can’t wait to try them out!
4. Attending Stars and Metric. Nathan got me tickets for my Birthday. It was an amazing show.
5. Nathan and I decided to take on Paleo for a month. We haven’t been overly strict, but even so, it’s been great! This is one of my favourite go-to meals: Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps.
6. I got new glasses. I feel like such a hipster, but I absolutely love them (and let’s be honest, I’m kind of a hipster wannabe.)
7. Nathan’s Christmas Party was at the end of November. We looked pretty great, I’d say.
8. After getting lost in the Plus 15 walkways at least twice, I think I’ve finally found my way. I get so disoriented in tunnels and passages.
9. Enjoying drinks at the airport before we flew out to Vegas with my parents on November 31 to run the Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon with my Dad. (More on that later!)

Obviously December hasn’t been much quieter than any other month so far this year since I’m uploading these to my blog 12 days into the month. I have so much to talk about and so many photos to edit! I better get to work! Less instagram, more DSLR.