Exciting news for me in the job world! Ok, so this isn’t exactly news since I started a week and a half ago, but I forgot to share. I’ve been with geoLOGIC Systems as a Customer Solutions Specialist for the last 8 months. Basically, my job was to answer phone calls about how to use our software and troubleshoot client issues.

In January, a position for Instructional Designer came up and I applied. We’re redesigning our training courses and the manuals that go with them. Turns out I got the job! I started the first week of February and it’s been great so far. The job itself is great. I get to edit and write as well as be a bit creative since it’s a redesign. Not only that, but there are so many little things about this job that are great. I no longer have a strictly set lunch hour. I’m also no longer tied to my desk and don’t have to check who is available before using the washroom or getting water. The freedom is unreal!

It took a couple days to transition out of solutions but I’m now moved into my new desk and mostly only working on stuff for my new position.