The first summer we were dating. Bowview Pool Kegger.

Today marks four years of dating for N and I. It is also the first time we’ll be in the same province on June 14th since our first date. Somehow we’ve always managed to be apart for our anniversary.

After dating all summer and before I moved to Montreal
Visiting me in Montreal

The first year, I was living in Montreal and N in Calgary. He had just left for a Euro Trip with a bunch of his friends. I think we celebrated during one of his trips to Montreal earlier in the spring. 

My second year in Montreal

Quebec City for Carnaval

The second year we were dating I was still in Montreal. Since we weren’t together, we both didn’t even think of it until the following day when I was sitting on the patio at the Starbucks where I worked and one of the girls asked me how long we’d been dating. Suddenly, I realized it had been two years and a day. Whoops! I texted him to make fun of him even though I was equally guilty of forgetting. 

Supporting me at my first half marathon in Montreal
Last year, we thought we’d be together and were pretty excited. Then N was sent to the Richmond office for work for a month and we missed it. We celebrated once he was back at the end of June. 
Nashville North. Aka our favourite. 
Stampede Week. Double fisting like champs. 
Hiking on my Birthday
H & Z’s Wedding
So this year, our fourth year together, we plan on grabbing some drinks after work and then heading over to Cucina for dinner. I’m really excited to spend the evening with N at a restaurant I love. He’s never been so I can’t wait to see if he loves it as much as I do. 
Happy Anniversary, N! I can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight. I hope you enjoyed the little photo recap of our relationship. xx
Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon
Christmas Ski Trip
Our house