July is probably my favourite month of the year. For one, summer is finally here and Canada Day usually kicks off my series of long weekends on boats. I’ve spent the majority of my July Long Weekends in and around water and this year was no exception.

Favourite summer activity at the lake.

 July also features the Calgary Stampede and my birthday. I love celebrating my birthday with friends. I’m one of those people who plans a party every year and invites everyone she knows. I love sharing that day with all the people I love.

The Calgary Stampede is definitely up there on my list though too. They kicked things off with the Parade this morning and, as usual, I’m so excited that it’s finally here. For ten days, this city is incredible. I truly love Calgary, but I find it really shows off during Stampede week. A lot of it is a big party, but it’s more than that too. There’s an energy in the city and I always look forward to this time of year.

Parade from my boss’ office window

This weekend we’re heading out camping with some friends in Drumheller. I’m excited, but I also can’t wait to get back to Calgary and start enjoying Stampede in the city. Tuesday is my work Stampede Party and then I’m hoping to head down to the grounds a couple of times over the weekend.

This year seems a bit more special than most since the Stampede grounds were completely underwater after the flooding 2 weeks ago. The Stampede announced they would hold the event Come Hell or High Water a few days after the flooded and started cleaning up almost immediately. Two weeks isn’t much time and I’m still in awe that they managed to pull it off. They originally had planned to even get the Saddledome up and running, but unfortunately the damage was too extensive and they had to cancel the concerts they’d planned on holding there.

Watching the parade with this lovely lady!

All this to say that I love July! I hope everyone else has a great weekend and, if you’re in Calgary and love the Stampede like I do, I hope you get out an enjoy it!