I really did mean to use this app to post while on vacation but, to be honest, I totally forgot. I think we were having too much fun (and the lack of reliable wifi may have played a role)!

We had a great little visit in Vancouver. Ate some delicious sushi and ice cream, caught up with old friends over beers at a great bar, and had way too much fun at the wedding.
The morning after we hit the road for Portland, stopping at the beautiful Cannon Beach on the way. We ate and drank our way through Portland before spending a day or so on Seattle and catching up with more friends. It went by way too fast! (Once I get organized with the photos I’ll post a real recap of each!)
Next we hit Kelowna for the half marathon. N’s family flew in to cheer us on and be there for the moment I had no idea was coming.
That’s right. N proposed! Both our families were there and it was an incredible surprise. I couldn’t be happier. I’ll try and get some of the pictures and video from everyone so I can properly tell the story but I couldn’t help but share. I’ve been thoroughly enjoying this week and can’t stop staring at the beautiful ring he got me.

Yup, he totally nailed it! Definitely at the top of my list for most amazing way to end a vacation.