I used to be part of a Facebook group called Random Rants, back when groups were a thing. Whenever something or someone pissed us off we’d post to the wall and share with the rest of the group. In some ways it was kind of nice, therapeutic even, but mostly it was just hilarious. People are funny when they’re angry. Truth. Well blog friends, I’m bringing it back! (although I’m sure it won’t make me many friends.) Sometimes you just gotta get it off your chest.

“Tights for pants” is an ongoing joke with a few friends. We all work in business casual or business professional environments and seem to be constantly surrounded by girls wearing tights for pants. It’s everywhere and somehow it’s become office appropriate.

Not only that, but I’ve come to realize that what I consider tights isn’t what other people consider to be tights. I really thought it was obvious that wearing actual tights – as in pantyhose, nylons, whatever they called them in the 60s – are inappropriate as pants, opaque or not. I am apparently wrong. When people are making fun of others for wearing tights as pants are they seriously making fun of them for nylons? I can’t even begin to comment on that…

What I’m talking about when I say tights-for-pants are leggings. Yeah, I know, I’m like a prude or something, but come on, you’re at work. I don’t care how rocking your body is or how casual your office is, put on some real pants. Maybe it’s because I was taught to always dress for the job I want and not the job I have, but I just can’t get behind tights for pants in the office. Unless you work in a fitness facility, yoga studio, or a fitness apparel store, I just don’t see how they fit into a work setting.

Sure, I wear them on the weekends with a t-shirt that doesn’t quite cover my bum, but that is me time. That is lazy time. That is not work time. If you wanna rock a crop top with a sick pair of leggings on your own time, go for it. Rock it, sister. Monday morning –  put on some real pants.

I think of leggings like sweatpants. Except with sweatpants there’s no chance someone might catch a peak of your goods when you bend over.

Now I know, we live in a frozen tundra and we’re trecking to work in giant sorels and canada goose down jackets; it’s just so easy to tuck a pair of leggings into your boots and throw on a sweater. I get it. And I’m mostly ok with this. That is, as long as this sweater covers your bum. You see, more often than not, those comfy leggings aren’t nearly as opaque and you think and when you bend over to pick up the pen you dropped, your coworkers probably don’t want to see your everything (or maybe they do…but in that case, do you really want them to?).

And what’s wrong with dressing up anyway? What is so terrible about putting on a cute dress, some tights (nylons!), and a nice pair of shoes? If you’re like me, you could even hoard all your work shoes under your desk for easy access. Slip off your sorels when you get to work, slip on some pumps. Dresses have to be the most comfortable clothing ever. Seriously. If dresses just aren’t your thing (it’s cool, pants aren’t my thing. We’re all a little weird sometimes.), what about skinny dress pants? They’re thicker, warmer, and you never have to try and awkwardly bend over. Genius.

Alright, I’ve said my piece and it wasn’t particularly funny, but man do I feel better. Let’s step things up, ladies. We can do better than cotton, see-through tights for pants.