November ended this weekend and took our beautiful chinook weather with it. A storm blew late Sunday night and half the city is stuck in snow drifts this morning. The wind has caused white-out on most highways surrounding our frozen city and we’re all bundled up like it’s the arctic. Welcome to Calgary. Welcome to winter.

December is always one of the busiest months and it’s no different for us this year. We’ve got something going on every weekend between family dinners, christmas parties, and trips to the mountains. It’s the best kind of busy though as we’ll get to see the majority of our friends and family at some point this month. Sadly, if we haven’t already made plans, we probably won’t have time until January now. I’m very busy and important, you know.

1. I posted this photo to Instagram and it was featured in a Women’s Health Fitness Friday roundup. I thought it was pretty cool:
2. My girlfriends and I volunteered at Avenue’s Top 40 Under 40 event. It was great meeting all the recipients and we had a great time at the after party.
3. N and I hosted a Halloween party at our place. We dressed up as the Paleo Police.
4. We’ve been working on headstands and handstands as well as getting back into strength training this month. We’ve both improved a lot and plan to continue this month.
5. We celebrated H’s birthday with bowling, beer, and delicious food at National Bowl. Happy Birthday, H!
6. We bought an eighth of a cow from one of N’s coworkers. It’s all grass-fed beef. We were obviously very excited.
7. We got our engagement photos back and they are beautiful. I love every single one and am so happy we’ve booked 3Haus for our wedding as well.
8. Treated outselves to pizza at Famoso before seeign the Hunger Games. Their pizza is just delicious! We hadn’t seen a movie together in ages; this one was well worth hitting the theatre on a friday night.
9. Movember is over, which means this lovely stache is just a memory.

Happy December, everyone!