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What’s going in my bag

We’re going on vacation: a week of sun & sand & shenanigans with our friends down in Mexico. I can’t wait to go barefoot every day & live in my bathing suit. It’s going to be grand.

We’ve still got some time before we leave, but I’ve started thinking about what I’m going to bring. I’ve packed for many a trip & usually leave it to the last minute. Yup, I’m often that person – the one frantically packing at the very last minute. I’ve forgotten many things while packing for trips, but it generally all works out in the end.

I thought it’d be fun to go over some of the things I love for a week in the sun. Who doesn’t like to see into people’s suitcases? (Or is it just me who is super nosey? No? Ok, good!). Here’s a few of the things I find necessary for a beach vacation.

1. Dresses. I’ve briefly touched on my dislike of pants. I wear dresses often, especially when it’s hot. A few cute, breezy dresses are a must for me on any trip.
2. Cute shorts and bathing suits. Duh. It’s hot & I don’t like pants. Shorts are a must. & bathing suits, of course. I have a little collection, but this one is brand new & it’s been a while since I’ve bought a brand new bathing suit. I’m excited. (& apparently I really love bright colours).
3. Plane wear. This usually consists of leggings, a comfy shirt, & a scarf for me. It’s versatile enough for the temperature jump in either direction.
4. Flip Flops. More specifically havaianas. They’re from Brazil and are my absolute favourite brand of flip flops ever. I don’t wear anything else. Don’t argue with me on this one: these are the best flippy floppies ever.
5. Comfy Runners. This year it’s Vans. Last year it was TOMS. Either way, something lightweight and comfortable for the plane or a day of touring around. (although, let’s be honest, will I ever take off my havs once we get there?)
6. Sunscreen. I don’t wear a ton of sunscreen, but I do have to be careful not to burn. It’s kind of a boring travel necessity. I like the sport brand cuz I’m sweaty.
7. Sunnies. Obs. These are just a cheap pair of knockoff Ray Bans.
8. Headbands. I love headbands. Who likes hair in their eyes? No one! Bondi Bands are my favourite, but Lululemon makes some cute ones too.
9. Passport. Super exciting, I know. It’s a passport. It’s Canadian. Enough said?
10. iPhone. I’ll probably bring my DSLR as well, but iPhone are handy for snapping quick photos. I used to bring along a little point and shoot until I realized my iPhone photos were about the same quality. I guess it’s either time for a better point and shoot or resign myself to iPhone photos.
11. Makeup. I don’t usually wear makeup at the beach, but I do like to put a bit on at night. My essentials include BB cream, Bobbi Brown Gel Liner, & mascara.
12. Books & Journals. I always pack a good book (I haven’t started this one yet, but I’ve heard good things. Fingers crossed!) & my journal. I love these Moleskine Journals & have been using them for years. It’s nice to be able to have some kind of record of trips, even if I just manage a couple entries.

Obviously, this isn’t everything I’ll be bringing with me, but a few things that will definitely be making it into my bag. Inevitably, I’m sure I’ll wind up with too many shoes (I’m still contemplating birkenstocks & a dressier pair) & more dresses than is ever necessary.

Now to get through a few more days of work. We’re in countdown mode at home & it’s making the time crawl.


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Happy Birthday, dear friend


  1. Yay Mexico! I will most likely be doing my packing the night before, as per usual. And Wild is so good – I think I finished it in 2 days! You will love it.

  2. Two more sleeps! Can we go already?! I'm excited to read it! I've been nursing Game of Thrones for ages.

  3. How fun! I'm definitely looking for new books to read so let me know how you like it!!
    xo TJ


  4. Definitely! So far, it's great! Now that I'm back at home, my reading has slowed down again so I'm not as far into it as I'd hoped, sadly. Worth checking out though I'd say!

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