It’s February! Hurrah! The last month that is truly cold. We may not get much of a spring, but at least it feels within reach once we hit March. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve already noticed the days getting longer and this month is so short that it feels manageable. 
This post is pretty late for a January recap. We got home from Mexico late Friday night and spent the weekend attempting to get back into the swing of things. Of course, the first day back at work is always a bit nuts, but this month is busy on top of that. So it’s February 4th and we’re going to talk about January, ok? 

1. I had my heart set on New Years Brunch at Wurst even though the boys were super hungover. I never have mimosas but it seemed like a great way to start 2014.
2. Ice cream after skating just feels right sometimes. Especially when it’s salted caramel from Village (don’t question it, just do it).
3. This paleo butter chicken & naan is a game changer. I will definitely be making this again (& again & again).
4. We saw a couple warm days in January. I managed to get in a few lunch runs to prepare for the beach. When the sun shines, this city is simply breathtaking.
5. Two of our good friends got married in Hawaii this fall. They hosted a post elopement party – we danced, ate, & drank the night away with some of our bests.
6. I’ll be hanging out in the massive Bow Building for the next couple months at work. It’s one of the coolest offices in Calgary, if you ask me.
7. We’d been planning this Mexico trip for almost a year and it finally arrived. This was our beach for the week (I know, right?).  N’s rocking a sick tan.
8. The dusty, dirty, rugged streets of La Manzanilla won me over. I love this little Mexican town & already am daydreaming of going back.
9. The view from our villa was spectacular. I couldn’t get enough of it and took a sunset photo almost every night. (Can you blame me? Look at this view!)

That’s it for January. I’m working on some great posts as well as trying to edit my Mexico pictures. I took that take more photos resolution to heart. Prepare yourselves.