Do you ever just have one of those weeks where you just can’t wait for the weekend because it feels like the week is ganging up on you & you’re so grumpy even though you know it could be so much worse & then you realize…

it’s only tuesday.

Well, I’m having one of those weeks. It started with a spurt of productivity on Saturday. We’ve been living in our little condo for a year & a half & I’ve barely hung anything on our walls. I get all nervous about the commitment & chicken out. I know, I know. It’s silly.

So we have this floating shelf that I’ve been carting around from place to place since i lived in Montreal. Nope, that’s not a typo. I’ve been carting a $20 floating ikea shelf for 4 years. Stop judging me.

We hung it on Saturday though. Finally! & I got excited by how good it looked, floating there on the wall. I even bought a canvas & some paint & decided to be a little bit creative over the weekend. I was actually pretty excited about it. Sunday morning, I was arranging things on our little shelf when it came crashing down, breaking the brand new wine decanter we’d gotten as a Christmas gift from N’s brother, one of the new canvases, & an elephant – the only souvenir I’d brought back from Thailand for myself. I was pretty upset. See? This is what happens when you make a commitment with Ikea shelving.

Ok, so that’s not true. That’s just what happens when you don’t have a stud finder & you think you’ve gone far enough into a stud, but you haven’t & your drywall screws are pathetic excuses for screws. N fixed it & it’s definitely solid now (but just in case, I’m not putting anything that’s not already broken on it for a while).

Mom & I went for a drink to talk about some wedding planning afterwards & things were looking up for the week. Maybe you’re not so bad, Sunday. (Ha!) We made some delicious slow cooked Roast Beef & headed off to soccer.

Oh indoor soccer, you’re such a jerk sometimes. In his effort to avoid smashing into a girl on the opposite team, N wound up buggering up his ankle pretty good. We borrowed some crutches from friends on the way home & figured it was just a sprain. The next morning, as he hobbled to work, he slipped on the ice &landed on his injured leg. Something about how it felt (besides painful) made him think something else was wrong so he went off to the Urgent Care Center downtown.

Long story short: they think it’s broken. He’s in an air cast right now & in 10 days he’ll go back so they can take a look again & maybe have a better idea of whether it’s actually broken or just a bad sprain (something about the broken bone not matching up with where he’s having pain). We had ski plans for this weekend and a few other weekends in March so it’s disappointing, especially considering how much that guy looks forward to ski season.

I went off to work that night at the Y after my regular day at work. I usually dread these long days, but it didn’t help that N was at home alone with a broken ankle. This morning I woke up & realized I hadn’t double checked when my health & safety training for the Y was scheduled for. So I checked my email to realize it was tonight, right after work, at the other end of the city. Cue very grumpy Alanna.

All in all, none of these things is terrible, but coupled with a few other unfortunate things so far this week, they add up to me wishing for the weekend. On a Tuesday.

We could always run away back to Mexico too. That’s been my daydream for a while. I mean look at this place!

I promise there are more photos coming soon. More photos, less long winded posts about my first world problems. I’m supposed to be choosing happiness this year right? Working on it.