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Gold Medal Game

I had planned to post about our weekend out at the lake next, but then Canada advanced to the Gold Medal hockey game on Friday. Hockey is our thing up here in the great white north, so we were understandably excited. Our women already brought home the Gold on Thursday in a crazy game that proved it’s really not over until it’s over.

Sochi is eleven hours ahead of Calgary so the men’s game would be broadcast at 5 am Sunday. Our premier announced Friday afternoon that Calgary bars would be allowed to open and serve liquor that morning. Bars immediately started making plans to broadcast the game & I jumped on board, booking a table for all our friends at National on 10th. 
Most of our friends spent Saturday night playing board games until an hour before puck drop. N and I decided to catch some  much needed sleep before heading downtown for the game. We set an alarm for 4:15 am & joined everyone at National Bowl around 4:45 am. I used to drive downtown at that time three times a week for swim practice, but I’ve never seen so many cars on the road at that hour. Like I said, hockey’s our thing up here. 
And what a game. It was some great hockey! Despite the early hour, the energy in the bar pretty incredible. & infectious! Between dance parties at intermission & bursting into the National Anthem for the final 10 seconds, we were a rowdy bunch. It was an exciting event to witness.

There were some exceptions to the energy in the room…

After the game, we all toddled home for a well-deserved nap. It may have been a very early morning (or late night), but I’m so glad we all got together to watch the Canadian men bring home the gold!


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  1. Great weekend. I'll remember that one for a long time.

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