I’ve been catching a ride with N into downtown lately so I haven’t had my usual morning walk. This morning, however, I dropped him off at the airport before work and, as a result, found myself walking in.

My usual route takes me through Rotary Park, down a large wooden staircase, & across the iconic Center Street Bridge before I even hit the hustle & noise of the Core. For how close we live to the City Center, it’s incredible how tranquil the first part of that walk is. 
Calgary is an usually sunny city, but even on this rare overcast day, this walk is beautiful. Walking through the park, sipping on a latte from one of my favourite shops, as the city collectively awoke, reminded me of how much love I have for this place – the cowboy town turned city. 

As you reach the top of the stairs, the trees part to reveal the city, & what I personally believe to be one of the most striking skylines. While the spring air was moist & heavy in the park, it seemed to lift as I headed towards downtown. “I love this commute”, I thought, sipping my coffee. After this particularly harsh winter, this kind of spring morning was just what I needed. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect way to start my day.

Calgary has a bit of reputation as redneck, conservative, a little rough around the edges. But I love it. This little city in the West, bordered by snow-capped mountains on one side & wide open prairies on the others. This city is home. It’s had its share of growing pains, but haven’t we all? It’s still a young city & it’s got a lot going for it. It’s evolving & coming into its own & I’m so excited to be here to experience it. 
If you’re looking for a nice way to start your day, grab a coffee at Luke’s DrugMart & head over to Rotary Park. Walk through the park to the stairs. Head down to Center Street & cross the bridge. Take the pedestrian ramp to the river path & walk along the river towards Eau Claire or the East Village – each have their fair share of perks. It’s worth checking out!
Enjoy the weekend!