So here’s a new tradition for you: posting my Instagram recaps late. Does twice in a row make it a tradition? It’s probably happened more than that in reality.

It’s tough to ignore winter now. Daylight Savings was last week & I always forget how much this little change affects everything. I think most of us are playing catch-up still (keep the coffee flowing) & my walks home are getting increasingly dark. I think that’s the worst part of winter: walking to & from work in the dark. It feels lonely. Luckily, it doesn’t last long & there is something so wonderful about realizing the days are getting longer. I guess it would be tough to appreciate one without the other. (That’s the theory I’m going with this year, anyway. Roll with it.)

Let’s talk about October. It was a good one. Here’s what we got up to:

1. For YYC Pizza Week, we decided to check out Posto Pizzeria. This little restaurant, sister to Bonterra, Cibo, & now Scopa, is fast becoming a favourite. Our visit coincided with Porchetta Thursday, which I can’t recommend enough if you love pork even a little bit.
2. I changed my name on my licence. I’m slowly changing it on other things too, but for now I’m in this strange in between phase. Sometimes I use my maiden name & sometimes I use my married name. I just like to keep people guessing.
3. We picked up another eight of a cow this year, so we’ve been working through last year’s order. Now that we have a meat thermometer, we’re all about the roast. This one was particular delicious.
4. My lovely friends got married at the River Cafe & we were so excited to celebrate with them. They had perfect fall weather, beautiful full, & one of the best dance parties. Congratulations, J & J!
5. We spent Thanksgiving out at the lake with my parents & brother. It was gorgeous & we ate some incredible food. I blogged about it here.
6. Our travels to France & Italy this year have carried over a little bit into our lives here in the form of charcuterie, wine, & cheese. One of my favourite ways to spend an evening is with a beautiful bottle of wine, some nice cheeses, & salami. Europe knows what’s up.
7. My sommelier friend introduced me to Metrovino this month & it was such an incredible wine shop. I’m already predicting I’ll be upping my wine game very soon.
8. A girlfriend & I met up on the new St Patrick’s bridge for Feast in the East. We shared Taiko Taco & Waffles & Chix.
9. Halloween. My coworkers are a lot of fun & we had some great costumes. I went the easy route & dressed up as a scarecrow. L was an adorable Olive Oyl.

On to November. Please don’t talk to me about Christmas yet, guys. We have a full, blissful month of non-Christmas activities & I fully intend to be a grinch until at least December 1.