Twenty Fifteen. We’re here. December is officially last year. It always sounds a bit odd to refer to something that happened so recently as last year. This year has some big shoes to feel. I mean, last year we got married & went on our first trip together to another continent. It was a big one. Nonetheless, I’m excited for what 2015 has in store for us. I wish I could say we had another big trip planned, but we’re keeping closer to home this year. We’re looking for a house, putting down roots, trying that on for size. We’ll see how it goes. (Don’t worry, I’ve already got 5 more trips planned for the years after this one…) This year will be my fourth back in Calgary. In some ways it feels like a long time to be in one place. But I digress, this isn’t a 2014 recap. Let’s get on with it! Here’s what we got up to in December according to my favourite social media app:  

1. I can’t believe it took us this long, but we finally went to the new Anju. We shared all of our favourites (they added pork belly to the crispy tofu. It’s perfect!) & I’m already itching to go back. We rounded out the evening at ATP’s performance of Charlotte’s Web. It was a wonderful date night.
2. My work Christmas party lived up to its reputation & we had a great time with my wonderful coworkers. There were many drinks & lots of hilarious dance moves.
3. Our good friends returned from South America just in time for Market Collective & an outdoor winter pop up at Container Bar. H & I snuggled under blankets, enjoyed mulled wine & shared crispy crepes, while chatting with her bar manager. Such a cool group of guys running the show over there!
4. Dad & I enjoying my parents annual Christmas Cocktail Party. Good food, festive drinks, my favourite people.
5. We enjoyed our first day on the slopes at Lake Louise for our friends’ annual Ski Trip. It’s shaping up to be a pretty good year if this snow continues!
6. I started this Christmas Day 5 km Tradition a few years ago. The three of us are still the only participants to date.
7. We spent the holidays at my parents’ place in BC. Thanks for finding the weirdest Christmas crackers, mom. This picture is so greasy.
8. Boxing Day Skiing trumps shopping in our books. We spent the day at Panorama with my family. We’re the three best friends that anybody could ever have and we’ll never ever ever ever leave each other. Right guys?
9. & the final day of the year. We started our evening with a steak dinner & ended it at a house party with some of our closest friends.

Happy New Year everyone!