It always takes me at least a month to get used to writing a new year & even then, I still do a bit of a double take when I see it. I’ve said January 2014 countless times this month & considering how quickly it went by, I’m not sure that’s going to change anytime soon. I do the same thing with my age right after my birthday. I’m sure my friends won’t let me forget how old I am turning this year though. Yikes! As usual this month was filled with friends & food. Surprise, surprise! Welcome to our lives. Here’s what we got up to:

1. We rung in the New Year with our closest friends & a lovely bottle of Prosecco.
2. Taking advantage of one of my best friends being in town. Her visits are always too quick, but we saw a lot of eachother & I’m so grateful for that.
3. My MOH celebrated her birthday on the first Friday of January. We took the day off to celebrate, grabbing brunch at a favourite spot in the morning, getting manicure, & chatting on my couch over wine & cheese. Happy Birthday, D!
4. Fratello opened a new restaurant where the iconic Melrose Bar used to be so we met up for brunch to check it out. Corbeaux is quickly becoming a favourite. We highly recommend…everything.
5. Putting a Wedding Shower gift to good use with a trip to Peasant cheese shop for some abondance, roquefort carles, & duck mousse with pink peppercorn. New favourite spot for cheese or
pâté – they’ll even let you sample before you buy!

6. The days are getting longer so my walks home aren’t in the dark anymore. This skyline is my favourite part of my walk home. 
7. We had some unseasonably warm weather last week – so warm, we did a 10 km walk that ended with beers on a patio. Yes, it’s still January.
8. I’ve been including the Crescent Heights on every walk home from work in hopes that they’ll get easier to run. I registered to run the Calgary Half Marathon at the end of May & despite the course being flat, I find hill/stair training helps. 
9. Testing my arm strength at Wurst with a stein holding competition. A litre of water gets real heavy, real quick!