This little blog has been around for a while – half a decade, to be precise. & it’s had a lot of different designs. I figured it was about time to update my old header. I created it a few years ago & it was never truly what I wanted. I’ve been playing around with different design software, & learned how to create some different logos & banners. It’s a lot of fun once you get the hang of it!

Here’s a little throwback to my old design. I really did like those coffee cups, but it always felt a bit disjointed. & that left aligned menu bar drives me crazy!

I’ve fixed both of those a bit with this update. They’re still not perfect so I’ll probably fiddle more with them still. I loved blogger when I first started writing & still think it’s a great free tool for beginners, but I’m slowly getting frustrated with its limitations. I’ve played around with some other options recently & am now trying to decide which route to take. I find myself doing more coding than I’d like in order to get things to display how I’d like within blogger. Even then, I find limitations. Coupled with a rudimentary iPad app, I’m just not sure I’m sold anymore. 
On the other side, I really enjoy how connected to my other google applications this is. & there are always risks with switching to a new platform. 
Has anyone gone through any of this before? What is your prefered platform?