au files

I’m ripping off the bandaid. Let’s do this!

I hinted that this change was coming so I’m sure this comes as no surprise. & if you use wordpress, I’m sure you saw this coming as I pulled the new site together.

After almost seven years on blogger, this change seems like a bigger deal than it really is. I’ve migrated all my posts over there so there aren’t too many changes from your perspective. I have a new domain & a slightly different blog name (fingers crossed it’s easier than a legal name change). Other than that, it’s just a prettier version of the blog I started back in 2008.

Oh, change. I usually consider myself to be quite adaptable, but it’s funny the things that we hesitate to let go of. Until a few hours ago, I had actually planned to keep my original blog name – Au fil de mes balades.  Although I think it’s a great description of both me & my blog, I have decided to drop the French.

So, here we go. Welcome to WHOA lansi.

Take a look around, save my new domain (, & let me know what you think!