It’s been a month. I mean that like…whoa, it’s been a month. It was the first of N’s new role, & he was away for most of it. I spent a good chunk of time alone, but I’m lucky to have a great network keeping me busy on the weekends. We also ramped up our gymnastics practice to twice this week. I’m hopeful I’ll nail my front handspring soon – I’m so close!

I often commute by bike so the controversy surrounding Calgary’s cycle track has been on my mind lately. I’ve used the 7th street track since it opened & it makes my ride both smoother & safer. While I’m excited for them to open the other ones in a few weeks, a number of motorists do not share this sentiment. It’s frustrating to hear since I think this progress is positive for our city, & there should be minimal impacts to drivers. I’ve had far too many conversations with people about it than I care to so I won’t hash it all out again here. For the record, I’m all in for initiatives that reduce the amount of cars on the road even if it sometimes feel like an unpopular opinion. Multimodal transportation options are exactly what I’m looking for as our city continues to grow.

On to this months’ instagram recap!


1. Celebrating birthdays around the first campfire of the year.

2. Mother’s Day Dinner at my parents’ house.

3. I took two girlfriends out to the lake for May Long. On Saturday, we drove out to Lussier Hot Springs. Perfect afternoon in the natural springs!

4. Accidental lake house party over May Long. We even got my parents to play drinking games.

5. Back at spin with the lovely Alex. This lady is the most positive & thoughtful person. She brings an incredible light & energy to all her classes – I can’t recommend them enough!

6. Gaux was back in town & we celebrated her sister’s 30th on the National patio. This jean jacket posse is the best. I can’t wait to do it all over again at Stampede.

7. N was away for his birthday, so we celebrated 10 days later with drinks at PR%F followed by a beautiful dinner at the recently opened Parc Brasserie. It was an incredible evening.

8. We decided to pick up our half marathon race packages on foot, giving us the opportunity to wander the city a little bit. Lukes in Bridgeland is a great spot for quality coffee & records, as well as any traditional drugstore needs. The Langevin Bridge is alright too.

9. Calgary Marathon Day – a mix of 10 kers & half marathoners. It was a painful race for me, but I’m happy to have finished it nonetheless.