I can hardly believe we are already celebrating our first wedding anniversary. I’m always impressed by how much a year can alter things while simultaneously changing nothing at all. That is certainly how I feel about this past year: so much is different, but so much has remained unchanged. The most important constant though? I’m just as happy to be married to N as I was the moment the photo above was taken.

We’ve aptly chosen celebrate this first anniversary in Kelowna, the location of both our engagement & our wedding. Today we’ve treated ourselves to a day of wine tours. We’re taking advantage of everything this beautiful region has to offer, from amazing scenery to incredible local food & wine. I cannot imagine a better way to spend the day together.

I’ve also been meaning to share this video of our ceremony for a long time & today seems like the perfect day to finally do so. We didn’t hire anyone to do the videography for our wedding, however, we are very lucky to have some great people in our lives who made this possible. Thank you to our good friend, Kyle, for letting us use his camera & to Zevi & Nai for manning it during the ceremony. Thank you also to my amazing friend, Julia, for turning the raw footage into something beautiful. (Turn up the volume at the 2:30 mark to hear our vows – we didn’t have microphones.)

Finally, thank you to all our friends & family for making our Wedding Day absolutely perfect  & truly memorable. We are so lucky to have you in our lives.

Happy Anniversary, N. I love you.  xx