IG recently started allowing portrait, landscape, & square photos. Judging from this month’s recap, I have clearly been all over that. It certainly doesn’t make for the nicest looking collage, but I’m pretty excited to have options other than just square. I swear I still posted a few square ones – they just didn’t make the post!

Anywho, here’s what we got up to this month according to Instagram. instagram_2015-10-07

  1. Walking in the Pride Parade with some really awesome people. It was a chilly morning, but we had a pretty great turnout, nonetheless.
  2. The gold medal member shirts this session are wicked. I finally got into the Adult Gymnastics class at KSG, which means every Wednesday I spent 3 hours playing around, which means my handstands are getting a lot better.
  3. We took advantage of a beautiful weekend & explored the redeveloped St Patrick’s Island. The redesign revitalized this inner city space & made it somewhere I actually want to spend time!
  4. We bought a house! We like her. I made N take a photo with the sold sign one day before we moved in. It looks a bit like an ad for Camp Brand Goods.
  5. I volunteered on the Social Media Crew for Beakerhead, which was a pretty fun experience. If you missed out, fiery skee ball was one of the coolest installations this year. I highly recommend you check it out next year!
  6. In an effort to cut back our spending, we’ve been making an effort to stay in more. We love a good game night! We kicked this off with poker right before our move.
  7. Moving day! Thanks to our friends & family, moving went pretty smoothly. My parents got us this awesome sign as a housewarming. We think it’s pretty spot on.
  8. Monday morning takeout from OEB after a rough weekend. I wish we’d taken even more time off after moving, but at least we did breakfast right.
  9. My new commute has a slightly different view of the city & I am obsessed with it! I’ve already posted so many photos of it & I don’t see that changing. I’ve opted not to look up bus information & continue walking to & from work. It takes about 40 minutes, but I like the extra $100 in my pocket.

October is already looking like a pretty good month – we’ve got lots of game nights planned, a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house, & some fun parties. Mostly we’re really taking advantage of owning a house. It’s pretty exciting!

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