I have such good intentions on posting these recaps, but sometimes the days just get away from me. Anyway, better late than never! Here we go…

I think the game night was the theme of the month of October for us. We played board games more often than ever before – in part in an effort to host people in our new home (& save money), but also because we added a new game & two settlers expansions to our collection. N is obsessed & wants to play Catan all the time now. It’s become his go-to suggestion. Here’s what else we got up to this month, according to Instagram:


  1. N bought the new expansion packs & immediately invited friends over to play that night even though we also had plans to play the following night.
  2. Gaux was in town for Thanksgiving so we got together at our house for drinks & then hit up the very cool Good Luck Bar. Cheap drinks & good music in a tiny space remind me of our party days at B Side in Montreal.
  3. We hosted Thanksgiving with both our families this year. N & I were in charge of the turkey, stuffing, & gravy, while everyone else brought sides. Thirteen of us squished into our little dining room for a delicious thanksgiving meal – I’m so happy for what a success it was!
  4. The sunrises on my morning commute were pretty spectacular this month. I managed to capture a few examples of the incredible colours we saw this fall.
  5. Obligatory voter selfie. I watched the election results from the lobby of the YMCA that night. What an interesting race this year!
  6. The very first Meet, Eat, Compete event at Nicastro’s pub was a great success. I can’t wait to try more games at the next event. Thanks to A Couple of Couples & Connect More for organizing!
  7. It’s been years since I carved a pumpkin, but considering we’d be giving out candy on Halloween this year it seemed fitting. Everyone’s pumpkins turned out great, if I do say so myself!
  8. Volunteering at the Drop In Center with my office, serving lunch to over 1500 people.
  9. Dressed up as Spartan Cheerleaders Craig & Arianna from SNL with my coworker.