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It being our first Halloween in our new house, I was  quite eager to actually partake in some typical festivities. There aren’t nearly as many kids going door-to-door for tricks or treats as when I was a kid, but I figured I’d still get to see some cute costumes & hand out candy, which is more than I can say for Halloween night in a condo.

The weekend before, friends invited us over to carve pumpkins. I honestly don’t remember the last time I carved a pumpkin so the moral support seemed like a good idea. They made some delicious caramel apple squares for us to snack on as an added bonus. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.





I have very little skill when it comes to drawing so I went with a simple warning on my pumpkin: BEWARE. (Of my knife skills? Probably a good bet.) I was pretty impressed with everyone else’s creations though – next year, maybe I’ll be a little more adventurous with my artwork. Haha.









Unfortunately, my pumpkin didn’t quite make it to Halloween night. I’m pretty disappointed that I didn’t ever get a photo of it all lit up, but it disintegrated in N’s hands while I was out of town. Next year, we may have to carve them a little bit closer to Halloween!


At least N’s pumpkin made it!

Halloween night, we ate dinner pretty early so I could anxiously await our first trick or treaters. I really had no concept of what time they’d arrive. (& looking back now, I couldn’t tell you when the doorbell first rang, which will be really useful for next year.) We wound up with about twenty kids over the course of the night. That number sounds like a pretty average turnout for our neighbourhood. We had some adorable costumes – batmen, spidermen, princesses, cookie monster, a couple fairies – but my favourite was a little boy dressed as a blue recycling bin. When I asked him about it, he proudly told me he’d made it with his dad. How awesome is that?! I loved it!

Once the kids were done making the rounds, our grown-up party began. This year, I went as the Spartan Cheerleader from SNL, Arianna. My coworker & I had dressed up together & recorded a little routine for a work contest. He totally nailed Will Ferrell’s character in our video!


N’s mom made a festive Mexican Dip!



penguin, owl, & pizza rat


Veronica from the Heathers & Ryu from Street Fighter


Creepy KG (I think..) & a Unicorn

Everyone showed up in costume, which I was quite impressed by. With adult parties, costumes can be a bit hit or miss. Luckily, our friends always seem to be down to dress up. We had a good variety, but I loved my friend’s little family dressed as sriracha.


Baby Chili Pepper!

Predictably, N’s costume was a bit of a play on words. It also proceeded to morph over the course of the evening – by the end of the night, I think he was an Uber driver with a man bun (& yeah, that’s an edible bun on his head.).


Getting Rowdy






I’m pretty excited for all the firsts in this house & to share more as the house itself evolves. The physical changes are pretty cool (new furniture this week!), but I think having friends & family over are what really makes it a home.

& on that sappy note, I hope you all had a fantastic All Hallow’s Eve!


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  1. So fun! I still can’t get over that kid in the blue bin costume. I wish I had seen him!

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