Move over, November, it’s time for Christmas! I always feel that Christmas comes out a bit too early, at least commercially, but often feel alone in that sentiment. Can we get past Remembrance Day before breaking out the music & decorations? I was happy to see some comments on that subject this year, honestly. I mentioned in another post that I’m much more excited for the holidays this year than last & I attribute that to not being alone in enjoying November for what it is: the end of a wonderful season.

Here’s what we got up to this month:


  1. Me & the beer table at Winterstart! We ran (well, I ran, N is injured) again this year with two friends. They were a little stricter with the beer this year, but it was still a great time!
  2. Our first Flames game of the year! We saw the Devils play the Flames in what turned out to be a really exciting game.
  3. I’ve been stalled on handstand progress for a while so when my press handstand finally started to come together this month, I was quite excited.
  4. Cuddling a friend’s new little lady. We have a few friends with new babies & I love getting to spend some time with them at this age.
  5. Mid afternoon hot tubs are my favourite. We’ve had quite a few chinook days & they’re so perfect for a dip!
  6. I wrote about the Christmas Market already, but I couldn’t resist including this photo again here. I highly recommend checking it out next year!
  7. Instagram is such a funny place sometimes. This festive photo got a lot of love on there this month. I walk this bridge every day, & I love how it frames the city. It’s even better all decked out for Christmas!
  8. We attended the second Meet, Eat, Compete & it was so much fun! H posted about it here. As much as I want to make sure I always have a spot for myself, I also think you should check it out. We played two new games this time & had a fantastic time!
  9. It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Beef delivery! Haha. This is the third year ordering from Grazed Right. Ben is awesome & his beef is delicious. We’ve got a couple new cuts to play around with & I’m hoping to order some extra roast (the steak is all sold out – he’s that popular this year!). We also bought a deep freeze so we have room for it all in our own house.

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& now on to December – I’m ready for ya!