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May in Instagram

My social media has been entirely Odin since we picked him up two weeks ago. He basically consumes my entire life right now. The first day I went to work, N joked that he didn’t know who had worse separation anxiety, me or O. Going to work is a struggle for both of us right now, but it’s getting better every day. He’s still freaking out a bit, but is settling quicker. He eats his puppy pad at some point most days, but I’m hoping that’s just part of this little freak out phase of his. Enough about Odin though, I told myself this post wasn’t going to be about him. We got up to other things in May, pre-puppy things. Let’s take a look at this month according to Instagram.

May in Instagram

  1. I painted our bedroom! You may remember the walls were brown in here, like most of the house. Now they’re a nice bright bluey white. I absolutely love how they turned out! The room is so much brighter now. I’m such an amateur when it comes to painting that I was SO sore after doing this!
  2. We went to Montreal with a big group of friends & had a blast. I love that city so much. Here we are in Mile Ex on an awesome food tour. That neighbourhood has so much cool stuff popping up & I really enjoyed exploring a part of Montreal I don’t know too well.
  3. We went to so many of my old favourites while in the city! DDC! is always on my list when I’m in Montreal, & it never disappoints. I’ve really got to get a post out about everything else we did.
  4. Always a sucker for a photo of one of these walls. I love wandering around a city & just exploring, maybe stopping for a coffee in a cute cafe or a beer on a terrasse. We didn’t do a ton of that seeing as we were such a large group, but we did get some in on Monday before flying out.
  5. One of my best friends was in town for most of the month of May. I wish we could have hung out more, but every time we did was such a treat! Her sister celebrated her birthday with seafood at Rodney’s & some drinks at National. It was a great night!
  6. We bought a BBQ! Woohoo! We knew we wanted one when we bought the house, but figured we’d wait until spring. N’s parents gave us some cash to put towards it as a housewarming gift so we splurged & got one I hope will last many years.
  7. Mom & I stopped at a little winery near my friend, Heather’s, cabin on our way to pick up Odin. It’s such an adorable spot, right on the Shuswap, & their wines are really lovely. We both picked up a few bottles to bring home & I’m really looking forward to enjoying them!
  8. & the Odin takeover photos begin. Our first little family photo outside on our back deck. That little face is my favourite right now. Sorry, N.
  9. Dad & I ran the 10 km race at the Calgary Marathon. It was the perfect day for a run & I absolutely love this route. If you were thinking of running it, do it! It goes through some of my favourite parts of Calgary & is quite a well attended race. I ran with my dad for most of the race, which was a fun way to spend some time together! One year, I’d like to really train for a 10 km & see what I can do.

So that was May! I can’t believe summer is already here. N was home for most of the month & it was such a welcome change for us. It’s back to reality now though, & back to that part time single life. At least, I’ve got Odin to keep me company now though!


Odin \\ 9 weeks


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  1. I love that 10k route! I want to race it one year, too.

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