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December in Instagram

Welcome to 2013! I say this every year, but I can’t believe it’s a new year already. The whole year flew by and December was no exception. So much happened this month that it was hard to choose just 9 photos to represent 30 days! (I obviously have a photo problem.)

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the New Years Festivities! 2012 was great! Here’s to another great year in 2013! xoxo

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1. Enjoying my first extra large pina colada on the strip in Vegas!
2. Las Vegas Half Marathon! So glad that both N and my dad decided to join me. It was an incredible run! Check one off the bucket list!
3. Getting dressed up, drinking margharitas, and celebrating finishing our Half Marathons in Vegas!
4. My coworkers decorated my desk for my return from Vegas. It is still decorated. It’s too awesome to take down.
5. We had a great time at my Company Christmas Party. Heather, Zevi, N, and I looking pretty beautiful.
6. First ski date of the season at Lake Louise. N is the best ski buddy!
7. Christmas Sweaters for a party night in Banff!
8. How many Adairs does it take to trim a tree? (3 + 1 de Boer!)
9. Christmas Day 5 km Run with N and my dad! It’s my Christmas Tradition.

New Year

Resolutions. I haven’t been big on the whole making-a-list-of-things-I-want-to-do-better-this-year thing recently. I think if I need to change something or do better, it should start as soon as I realize a change needs to happen.

I really do like goals. That’s probably an understatement. I love goals and I set them often.

A perfect example: Nathan and I decided to do a month long paleo challenge November 15. It wasn’t the best time of year to decide to do this and we definitely cheated a lot, but my reasoning was that there was never going to be an ideal time to do it. There’s always something going on and it’s never going to be easy. So we just did it the best that we could. It worked out well for us (especially me) and I’ve been feeling great and getting lots of compliments that I look great so I’m glad we did it.

That said, sometimes it’s nice to look back on the year and decide what you want to do better next year. So here’s my list:

1. Follow our budget better.
We moved out in July and we haven’t saved much money since. We had lots of stuff to buy and neither of us makes a ton of money so it put a damper on saving for a place of our own. I’d like to get back on track with this. We do a lot of things right: bring a lunch of work every day, drink terrible office coffee instead of stopping at Starbucks, and avoid paying for parking ever. We also have a big weakness for delicious food, nights out with friends, and shopping and that needs to slow down significantly. Which brings me to my second resolution:
2. Have friends over more often.
We like entertaining and we like having drinks and playing games. I love our place and definitely want to make more of an effort to have people over instead of going out. 2 birds, 1 stone.
3. Eat grains on rare occasions.
Our month of paleo taught me a lot about how food makes me feel, and especially about how grains and gluten make me feel. I still LOVE bread and will never say I’m giving something up forever, but it needs to be a treat for me. I feel so great when I’m eating good food and fueling my body properly. Don’t worry, I’m not going to go too nuts about this whole gluten thing though.
4. Be more tolerant and appreciative
I have it pretty good when it comes to boyfriends. N mostly puts up with my neuroses and my need for our house to be clean and organized. He helps me out a lot with grocery shopping and vacuuming and taking out the garbage. He listens when I’m acting like a crazy person and always tries to be helpful and supportive. I need to be more appreciative of this and I definitely need to be more tolerant of the imperfections in our lives.

So there we go. Some goals for the year! I obviously have some other more short terms goals (get back to be being able to do 25 pushups ina row and run 5 km under 27:00…ok actually try to run a 5 km for time not training), but these are my four solid yearlong goals.

I should also probably add blog more to the list. I had good intentions of blogging about Croatia, Vegas, and Christmas. I’ll get to a couple of these in the New Year.

Come on 2013!

November in Instagram

It’s pretty sad that my last post was October in Instagram. I really need to get better at this blogging thing. Now that we’re not running all the time, I should have more time for this. I hope. Is it just me, or do I say that all the time? Oh well, on to Instagram!

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1. D and I being very matching and celebrating a couple of awesome November babies’ Birthdays!
2. I did a lot of running in the winter weather while training for Vegas. Typical evening run.
3. My parents got me new skis as a combined Birthday and Christmas present. I can’t wait to try them out!
4. Attending Stars and Metric. Nathan got me tickets for my Birthday. It was an amazing show.
5. Nathan and I decided to take on Paleo for a month. We haven’t been overly strict, but even so, it’s been great! This is one of my favourite go-to meals: Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps.
6. I got new glasses. I feel like such a hipster, but I absolutely love them (and let’s be honest, I’m kind of a hipster wannabe.)
7. Nathan’s Christmas Party was at the end of November. We looked pretty great, I’d say.
8. After getting lost in the Plus 15 walkways at least twice, I think I’ve finally found my way. I get so disoriented in tunnels and passages.
9. Enjoying drinks at the airport before we flew out to Vegas with my parents on November 31 to run the Vegas Rock and Roll Half Marathon with my Dad. (More on that later!)

Obviously December hasn’t been much quieter than any other month so far this year since I’m uploading these to my blog 12 days into the month. I have so much to talk about and so many photos to edit! I better get to work! Less instagram, more DSLR.

Such A Girl

The boy utters those words countless times throughout the day. This mostly occurs after I’ve spent 5 minutes doing something he thinks is pointless or ridiculous (such as perousing pinterest).

Fall is here. Actually, this just means that winter is here because we’re not fooling anyone into thinking we actually have more than two seasons in Calgary. Although I haven’t looked at my cold weather wardrobe in months, I’m pretty sure I hate it all. I know last season it was perfectly fine. I even bought a few things I know that I love. But whenever I open my closet I see nothing but ugly (with a few pieces I’ve recently added thrown in).

My biggest issue is that I hate wearing pants when it rains. Who likes wet pants? I sure don’t. So I usually go with boots and skirts and dresses. Most of my dresses are too summery and most of my skirts go with silk tanktops though. My work-appropriate, long sleeve winter wear doesn’t exactly get me excited. (Too-big turtle necks, plain sweaters, boring boring boring!)

I have a long list of things I want:

  • a red cardigan
  • a big wool cardigan
  • more skinny dress pants (black, green, mustard!)
  • Long sleeve blouses
  • High socks for riding boots
  • Yellow chevron skirt
  • Ankle boots
  • Patterned blazer
  • Peplum
  • Fitted dress shirts (that actually fit)
  • Oversized mens-style watch
  • Geometric printed sweater
  • Denim shirt
  • Dresses (that can transition from fall to winter to spring)
  • Knee-length pleated skirt
  • Maxi skirt
  • Tweed skirt

I could probably go on forever. Not only do I love lists, but I also love clothing. This post is a win-win for me.


The boy and I moved out! Hurrah!

It’s been a crazy week of moving, organizing, cleaning, organizing, cooking, shopping, and planning. We won’t have internet at home until the day before we leave for the wedding on Vancouver Island so I’ve been MIA with my blogging (excuses, excuses, I know). I don’t expect this to change until we get back from the wedding, unfortunately. It’s hard to update without an internet connection!

With so many exciting things happening this month, however, I expect to have lots to blog about once said internet connection is up and running. So don’t give up on me yet!

Until then, follow me on twitter (@whoalansi) if you’re really feeling the need for updates on my exhilarating life!


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