So, I’d asked Heather to send me some of her photos from Rome & Lyon since they took a lot of us that I don’t have copies of & they make me smile a lot so I thought I’d do some sharing!

First picture in Roma together-at the old main gates. 

Everyone knows how much I love my jumping photogs. The landing on this one was a little bit painful & the timing is off, but I totally love how it turned out anyways. It makes me laugh!

Sometimes I get these ideas that I’m really funny & do things like this in pictures. Heather, Zevi & the colosseum are looking good…I’m looking special. 

Wanna fight? 

Heather & I on Palatine Hill w/ that amazing colosseum in the background. 

You never know when it’s gonna rain in Lyon. I try to always be prepared. 

Québecois beer at the Canadian booth of the Christmas Market. 

Taking a bite out of Paddy the Pig…

Being a bit ridiculous at Place des Terreaux.

Parc de la tête d’or

I’m pretending to be regal…

& last but, not least…coming down the montée de vauzelles…i have no idea why we decided to walk like this…but again, it makes me laugh a lot.