Real Estate is something I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about lately. N and I hope to one day own a house and we’d like that day to be sooner than later, so we tend to pay a bit of attention to what is going on out there. Or at least we try to.

When my parents first moved to Calgary, they bought in the suburbs. It’s close to Dad’s office and to the airport. As he traveled more and more frequently, they came to appreciate this proximity.

At one time, however, they had looked at a lot in Crescent Heights. It was right at the end of Centre A St NW, beside Sunnyside Bank Park, with a view of all of downtown Calgary and the river valley.

Crescent Heights – Google Maps

It was amazing. The lot was listed at $250,000 so they decided against it. Instead Jim Shaw bought it and built an incredible house – a 10,000 square foot, hill-top mansion.

View of Downtown isn’t too bad – Calgary Herald
I think I could deal with this kitchen…maybe – Calgary Herald
I don’t think I could deal with this Downtown Hot Tub view – Calgary Herald

I walk by this house almost daily and it is currently for sale. The listed price? Only $11.5 million.

Check out the story in the Herald for more photos.