Talk about down to the wire eh? I said I’d get my Christmas posts in before the end of February and here I am on February 28…
It took me a while to get to organizing my photos from Christmas this year. I even took far fewer than normal and still I could not find the spare time to sit down and edit them. I just can’t help but feeling I’m always sprinting from one thing to the next lately. It’s been nice to have some downtime to relax this winter. Once I learn to stop feeling guilty about taking a day off and being lazy, I’ll be set. (Will this ever happen?) Maybe that’s why I was so intent on posting something about Christmas and showing off some of the beauty of our time at the lake – it’s one of the few places that I can actually unwind and relax without the guilt. 
I caught up on my reading, went for walks every day,  ate a lot of food, and drank a lot of wine. It was glorious. 
Family Walks

N and I in the snowy driveway

Snowy Mountains

Christmas Day at the lake is the best. There is no one to wake you up at the crack of dawn, so we all sleep in a bit. When we finally do stir, we leisurely enjoy some coffee and a light breakfast. Mom pops some bubbly, adds a little juice, and we sit down to open presents.

Once the presents are opened, it’s brunch time. This usually involves a little more bubbly and lots of delicious food. My Nana made Christmas bread as usual. Not only is it delicious, but I think it’s totally gorgeous too.

We all settle down for a while (or if you’re me, go off for a 5 km run) before dinner prep begins. This year, my parents went non traditional (again) and made lamb. I think they’ve decided they’re done with two turkeys in the span of 3 months. If that means we have lamb instead, that’s perfectly fine by me.

N and I relaxing before dinner
delicious, delicious lamb

Spring begins in March, right? Good thing I got this winter blogging thing out of the way before the end of February then.