I want to wear dresses all the time. Rain or shine, I’d prefer a dress to pants any day. I was pretty excited to find this one online. A coworker introduced me to Tobi (the website I bought it from) and it’s full of cute, dangerously cheap clothes. This is one of those perfect summer dresses. Easy to slip on for a casual date or for work. The back is open, but I can throw a blazer or sweater over top and since it’s such a great length it works.

At five foot nine, length is a big thing for me. For the longest time, the trend was super short dresses and I could never find anything appropriate for work. I actually had a hard time finding dresses that I felt comfortable wearing at all. Luckily the trend has moved back towards longer dresses and skirts now. I still get pretty excited when I find something that comes to just above my knees.

The weather lately has been so sunny and warm. It’s been lovely. I’ve been wanting to spend as much time as possible outside, which has been great. The only downside is that we haven’t done any spring cleaning yet and our condo desperately needs it. We haven’t even lived here a year yet and somehow it feels like we’ve accumulated so much stuff. I’m really feeling the need to de-clutter and reorganize some things. I haven’t really lived in one place for a year for a while so I haven’t really done the spring cleaning thing in a while. Moving tends to accomplish that to a certain extent.

It’s supposed to get pretty dreary tomorrow and continue for the rest of the weekend. Unfortunately, I doubt we’ll have much time to get any of the things on my To Do list done. We seemed to have made plans for every minute of the weekend. This is something I have a knack for doing. I’m not saying I don’t like it, but I know I’m going to need a few days before summer hits.

We’ll be making plans and trying to get outside as much as possible the minute summer hits. I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.