This is one of those recipes we turn to pretty often because of its simplicity. It is incredibly delicious for how easy it is to make. I’m not much of a believer that a recipe has to be complicated in order to be great, but sometimes I’m still surprised by how easy it can be to make great food. Some of my favourite recipes are actually very basic and this one is no exception.

I took these pictures a long time ago, but we just made this recipe again this week and it reminded me of how great it is. You can find the recipe on Juli’s blog, paleomg.

She might just be a genius. I know these photos make it look a bit on the complicated side, but it’s really not. It’s just some spices, coconut milk, chicken, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. Simmer and enjoy. Your whole house will smell incredible too! (That is, if you enjoy curry and garlic I guess.)

We’re out at the lake this weekend for N’s birthday and May long so this is a pretty short post. I took some great pictures for the recipes I made over the weekend so I hope to find the time to share them this week. They were well worth the time spent over the stove.

The only thing missing from this final shot here is the cilantro. I don’t know how I dropped the ball on that one, but of course it happened when I decided to pull out my DSLR and actually take photos. How come it always happens that way?

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend! Try this recipe. I swear it’s well worth it!