We all have songs that really mean something to us. Often just hearing it can take us right back to that place and we are able to re-experience the memory associated with the song. Sometimes good, sometimes bad, but either way music has the ability to really draw things out of us and evoke deep emotion. Choose a song that has a particular meaning to you. Tell the story of the memory associated with the song, sharing as much detail as you can. Take us there; let us experience it with you.

It had been a wonderful morning. We’d started the day as all days in the country should (bright & early) – jumping on one of the first few ferries from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. A couple hours later, we arrived on Vancouver Island & hopped on the Patricia Bay Hwy to Victoria, making a quick detour at the house my family lived in when I was just a preschooler. As we stood in front of that old house on Costa Vista Place, I reminisced about making mud pies in Mrs Weir’s bird bath, swinging on the tire swing my dad had hung off the huge cherry tree in the back yard, and learning to ride a bike around our cul-de-sac. We stayed just long enough to snap a few photos as I shared some of those childhood stories with N before hopping back in the car.

We made a second pit stop in Victoria for lunch & some touristing before continuing on to Duncan, our final destination, for a wedding. We were driving along a particular green & beautiful stretch of the Trans Canada when talk inevitably turned to the upcoming nuptials. I knew the song the bride & groom had chosen for first dance so we listened to that before I asked N what he would choose if we got married someday. He was surprisingly quick to answer – Then by Brad Paisley. Of course, we listened to that next.

Driving along that winding stretch of highway on one of the most perfectly summery days, flanked on either side by those huge, impossibly green trees (the kind you never find on the prairies), chatting happily with my favourite guy, may be one of my favourite memories. It’s such a small sliver of our life together so far, but I always look back on that day with such joy & happiness.

This song, & Brad Paisley in general, brings back a lot of memories for me from throughout our relationship. Some big, some small, but for some reason this one stands out, this small fragment from a time in our lives when we had nothing to worry about but enjoying the day together, first with each other & later with amazing friends. Brad is N’s favourite artist so my mind always wanders back to moments we shared together (or moments when we were apart & I fell asleep to his songs on my iPod, pretending N wasn’t so far away).


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