Sometimes I’m really on the ball with these Instagram recaps, but more often than not they come a few days after the start of the month. Despite posting more than ever (Ten times in this short little month), this recap is coming a few days late. Busy beavers, we are over here. & it’s cold. My motivation goes down the tube when it drops below negative 25 celsius. Here’s what we got up to this month according to my Instragram account. 

1. Our friends hosted a potluck to watch the SuperBowl. I don’t like football, but I do love getting together with my friends for a potluck. It was delicious as always.
2. I’ve been working at the Bow Building a lot lately. I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this incredible view of the city.
3. Cafe Gravity is not only a great coffee shop, but they also serve wine, craft beers, & delicious food. I’ve been stopping by with various friends or my mother frequently this month. I’d forgotten about it, but now that I’ve rediscovered this gem, I can’t seem to get enough.
4. The perfect Valentines gift is a meal out with N. We celebrated a day early this year with a lovely dinner at Yellow Door Bistro. That’s a lovely foie gras and rabbitte terrine. Yum!
5. We can’t drive through Canmore without stopping at La Belle Patate. On this particular occasion, we shared one that was bigger than my head. It was ridiculous & awesome.
6. We spent the Family Day Long Weekend with my parents at the lake, celebrating dad’s birthday & tasting this delicious Cipes Brut Sparkling Rose.
7. My dancing partner has been out of commission of late. Luckily his friends are willing to step in for now.
8. We woke up at 4:15 am to watch Team Canada win the Gold Medal in Men’s Hockey. There was Beer. There were tots. & there was this moment of pure joy.
9. The CrossFit Open is back. & I’m participating. The first WOD was Friday night so I headed out to Airdrie to complete it.