It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Let’s get caught up here, okay! 

Wild. I finished Game of Thrones. Finally. I liked the story & the writing is good, but I don’t think I’ll continue with the series. I’m up to date on the Television series so it makes it much harder to get into the books. Fail, on my part. Wild though. I love Wild so far. Now this is my kind of story. I look forward to reading a little bit every night at bedtime. 

How I Met Your Mother. I’m not a huge TV watcher & we haven’t been home a lot in the evenings. I tend to spend my time cooking, working out, or seeing friends & family which is definitely fine with me. I’ve been finding I need a night at home once a week though, especially when the weekend has been particularly busy.  I like having a show that both N & I enjoy to curl up on the couch together with. I’m not sure what we’ll do once it’s over. Maybe I’ll finally convince him to watch a little more Anthony Bourdain with me. 

I’ve been making a lot of plans lately. We usually slow down in the winter, but with all this wedding planning, I feel like things have been busy. I’ve also been making time for runs and workouts. I’m running the Scotiabank Calgary Half Marathon in June so training has officially begun. 

Scattered. I really feel all over the place lately. I’ve heard comments that after your wedding it can be hard getting back to normal. You’re so used to this whole piece of your brain being dedicated to planning this event, & once it’s over, you’re left wondering what to do with yourself. I can definitely understand that. I often find my thoughts wandering to random details I need to figure out. It’s fun, but a little bit scattered too. 

All these plans we’re making. On top of the wedding, we’ve got this great honeymoon planned and I just can’t wait. Fun bachelorette ideas are floating around, we’re going to do a wedding shower, and then there’s the regular fun that comes with spring and summer. I can’t wait.  

That time passes so quickly as we get older. I’m serious. What happened to 2013? Just like that, it’s gone & we’re well on our way to 2014. I lose track of time so much easier now and suddenly another month will have passed. I’m running my fifth half marathon in 3 months. The last year of my 20s begins in 4 months. I’m getting married in 5 months. Whoa Lansi. 

Steak. We’ve been talking about grass-fed beef today with friends & it’s got me thinking about the delicious steaks we ate our way through. I’m sad they’re gone; I could go for one tonight. 

With mornings. I’m not tired throughout the day, but I’ve been having a tough time getting myself out of bed. You’d think it’d be easier with the days getting longer, but it hasn’t. This weekend was busy so I’m attributing it to that. I need a good couple late mornings to set things right.  

A yellow skirt and chambray top without any tights. That’s right, bare legs. It’s glorious & I really don’t want to go back to tights when it inevitably cools off again here.

Catching up 
With friends & family. N’s brother has been in town so we’ve seen him a few times & I’ve been making time for dates with other friends I don’t see often enough.