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Journal Day \ five

We all encounter challenges on a daily basis. You may consider yours something small, like having enough time in the day to accomplish everything you set out to do, or it may be a bit bigger- perhaps something you have to overcome mentally or emotionally, or even a struggle when dealing with a difficult person. Whatever the case, take a look at your daily life- what would you say is your biggest challenge? Or if you have a past struggle you were able to overcome, how did you do it? This week, write about a challenge you currently deal with on a day to day basis, or discuss one you managed to get past.

I find this question a difficult one to answer. Are there people I find challenging to deal with? Yes, of course, there are. I’m not always an overly patient person so this is definitely something I struggle with regularly. I also tend to let go of that type of thing very quickly though. In the moment, I express my frustration, but it usually doesn’t carry over into my day to day. (The only person I see literally every day is N anyways. We tend to get along most of the time.)

I’d definitely say I sometimes struggle to accomplish everything I’ve set out to do for the day too. For the most part though, I’m fairly successful in my endeavours. Every once in a while I’ll overload my expectations, but I wouldn’t say this is a huge challenge for me.

I’m hesitant to write about a past challenge as I think it’s easy to fall into a cliché & I don’t want this to be that kind of post. Let’s say in the present, shall we?

As a twenty-something, I think I struggle most with whether or not I’m choosing the right path. I’ve graduated University & have been working for a few years now, but am I working towards the things that I want or or am I just working? Am I taking steps to unlock the doors I want opened? Or am I sitting back & letting things fall into place? These are hard questions to answer, but I think at some point we all stumble across them. 
When I say the right path, I’m talking career-wise. As a couple, we have goals for ourselves. Things like owning a house in the inner city, taking the time to travel together while we’re young (especially, but not exclusively), & enjoying wonderful meals together. 
There are two reasons to work towards the right career. The first one is for our own happiness – to feel a sense of accomplishment & joy around work. You spend at least eight hours a day doing it so hopefully you enjoy it to some extent. That’s the dream anyway, right? The second reason is to have the ability to achieve our personal goals. & that’s the big one. Life isn’t all about work, so I hope everyone has some goals outside of it. 
I think this challenge is an important one to think about, but a difficult one to overcome. As someone who always strives to improve, sometimes I struggle to look back on my decision without criticism. 
This post took a different turn than I was expecting, but that’s what I’m enjoying about this Journal Day. I’ve been tempted to censor some of these entries for fear of how someone may react to my thoughts, but I’m glad I haven’t yet & hope to continue with this. 
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  1. I found this from Danielle's weekend link post, and I can really relate. I feel sort of lost lately because I'm working at a job that I don't like and that isn't me, but on the side I'm trying to further myself so that eventually I can be doing something I love. So I always wonder if I'm doing it right, and if I'll ever even get there.
    I've been tempted to sensor my thoughts on Journal day, too, but I've gotten really amazing feedback because of my vulnerability and it's awesome! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks for commenting, Emma! I hadn't had a chance to read Danielle's post yet so it was fun to discovered she'd linked to mine. Very cool!

    I completely agree with you & I think a lot of us millennials (am I even a millennial? I think I'm on the cusp!) feel this way. It's tough to know if you're doing the right thing. It's also comforting to know you're not alone though, I think.

    I'm glad to hear you haven't censored yourself. Unfiltered, honest blog posts have wound up being some of my favourites! Keep it up!

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