While I do a lot of cooking at home, it isn’t often that I post a recipe on here. Our kitchen is pretty tiny, with dark counter tops & terrible lighting, so I don’t often bust out the real camera. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen a lot of my food iPhoneography already (although that’s only picking back up again now that the sun stays out later). I spend most of my day thinking about what I just ate, what I’m going to eat, or what I’d like to eat. My love of food definitely isn’t the reason for the lack of recipes on here.

I love experimenting in the kitchen. It doesn’t always turn out right, but the more I take chances, the more I get a sense of what works & what doesn’t. I’m not anywhere near as good of a cook as I’d like to be, but I’m definitely proficient. & I get better all the time.

In that last few years, I’ve come to realize that I’ve surrounded myself with people who are pretty similar in that respect. My friends all love food. I suppose it’d probably be pretty hard to hang out with me if you didn’t. In the summer especially, we throw a lot of potlucks. I love trying out new recipes, but one I come back to regularly is deviled eggs. I just love them! & I’ve made quite a few variations of them over the last couple of years. Many are a little on the complicated side, but one of my favourites is from George, the Civilized Caveman.

A couple weeks ago, I was headed out to a potluck after CrossFit & I couldn’t decide what to make. We had a bit of a busy weekend planned so I wanted something quick & easy. None of my usual recipes are very hard, but I didn’t feel like messing around with an avocado. I just wanted to be super lazy. So I came up with this modification on my usual recipe.

I don’t like measuring so this recipe involved me eyeballing everything. As a result, none of these measurements are exact. I think it’s hard to mess up devilled eggs anyway. Don’t stress if you like exact measurements. This isn’t baking. It’s going to be alright.


– 4 strips of Bacon
– 1 T of Green Onions
– 3 T of Wholly Guacamole
– 2 T of bacon fat, melted
– 1 T favourite hot sauce
– a dozen eggs
– dusting of Paprika

 Start with your bacon. Cook up about 4 pieces. I like this gluten-free bacon in the picture because there also isn’t a lot of added nitrates or soy (I prefer to avoid unfermented soy). You can use any bacon you like. I’m not the bacon police.

You’re going to want to start boiling some eggs now too. Everyone has their own method so I recommend going with that. Whatever works for you. Personally, I put all my eggs in a pot & bring it to a boil. Once it boils, I take it off the heat & put a lid on it, setting the timer for 15 minutes. Once that timer goes off, I dump the hot water & put those eggies in an ice bath to stop the cooking. Everyone says this method is foolproof.

Everyone is wrong! (Just kidding!) Sometimes this works for me & sometimes it doesn’t. Either way, hard boil some eggs. Then peel them, cut them in half, & put all those delicious yolks in a bowl. I put my egg white halves into the container I plan to use now to save time & dishes. (See? Lazy!)

Now you can start adding your other ingredients. Chop the bacon into small pieces, reserving a few pieces for a garnish if like. Add the bacon, guacamole, bacon fat, & hot sauce to the egg yolks & mix it all together.

Once it is all combined, grab a plastic bag & put your filling into it. (You can also use a pastry bag, I guess. I’m just not that fancy.)

Cut one of the corners of your bag on the diagonal. Your hole should be medium-sized. If it’s too big, you’ll have trouble controlling your filling, but it’s too small, it won’t dispense. You want it to be juuuuuust right.

Now just fill your eggs with the filling. I like to do each in a circular motion. Sometimes it works, sometimes it totally fails. I probably cut my hole a little bigger than is ideal this time, so there wasn’t much pattern to this filling. They still look & taste good, so don’t stress.

Garnish with green onion and paprika (& bacon, if you reserved some). Tada! Easy peasy deviled eggs with no weird mayo products. Give them a try!