Whew! I’m probably going to say this every month until about September, but where has the time gone?! This month seemed to fly by again. From the looks of my Instagram, we did a lot of eating this month. A ridiculous amount, really. I’ve got so many blog posts in the works & I definitely meant to contribute a Journal Day over the weekend, but Sunday night seemed to come pretty quickly. I’ll get to that though! For now, here’s this months InstaRecap! 

1. We registered! Woohoo! It was actually a pretty funny process to me. We don’t need a lot of stuff so it only took us about 10 minutes to get it done. (Thankfully. N hates shopping!)
2. All the ramen! Two new ramen places opened up recently in Calgary & I had to have them both. They are both amazing, welcome additions to the restaurant scene.
3. I’ve spent more money this year on my hair than ever before & I haven’t even coloured it. Just trying to keep the ends looking good for this summer.
4. Keeping up with long runs & trying out new routes. I definitely miss my training partner (who’s still out with his injury) so new routes make things a little more interesting.
5. H & I went on the Poutine Crawl this year & it was amazing! I also have a blog post coming about that at some point. Oh man, I’m so behind!
6. Checking out the Black Pig Bistro (replacing DeVille’s Bridgeland location). Should be delicious!
7. Tuesday Yoga at lunch at work is a thing & I’m really excited about it.
8. N’s brother is back, which is awesome for many reasons – one being that I’ll get my chocolate lab fix. Kora’s so gorgeous!
9. One of my bests was home for Easter. As always, it was far too short of a visit, but we did have some fun at National.

Happy Cinco de Mayo, friends! Have a margarita for me – I’m at work tonight!