Sometimes it can be hard to hear criticism from others. I know for me it’s something I may always struggle with- being a people pleaser, etc. At the same time though, constructive criticism can be very helpful, and allow us to look at ourselves in a new light and maybe even grow and change. Take a step out of yourself. If you were on the outside looking in, how would you critique yourself? What things do you see that could change or work on? This isn’t about tearing ourselves down; it’s about really looking at ourselves and seeing where there’s room for growth.

I think I’m a bit of a people pleaser myself, so hearing criticism isn’t something I’m a huge fan of either. I know that it has it’s place, but I truly hate to disappoint people. While I thought sharing what I was good at was hard, it’s just as difficult to put my shortcomings out there, despite it being easier to think of areas where I fall short. These last two prompts are more alike than different in some ways.

The very first criticism that comes to mind will probably sound positive at first: I have pretty high expectations of myself. That’s a good thing, right? Mostly, it really is a good thing. I think it’s part of the reason I have the ability to motivate myself as well as others. But I also wind up feeling guilty about silly things – like buying my lunch or sleeping in. What weird things to feel guilty about! But I often do –  I should have gotten a better start on the day; I should have packed a lunch. Shoulda. Coulda. Woulda.  
This then translates to my expectations of others. I expect a lot from people – in group projects, at work, in my friendships. The problem with this is that my expectations aren’t always realistic. Furthermore, they may not even align with that person’s priorities. Can I really expect people to have the same priorities as I do? Regardless, they fall short in my mind & that’s not really fair. I’ve been working on going easier on myself & trying not to feel guilty about the little things, but it’s definitely something I continue to need to work on. 
Another big one is that I can be pretty opinionated. Again, this can be a good thing. I’m really passionate about a lot of things &, chances are, I just want you to understand why I think x is “the most amazing thing everrrr.” This also lands me in some trouble sometimes. Not everything is black & white & everyone is entitled to their opinion. I know this, but I’ll still probably argue with you & get a little intense about it.

Since I’m posting this almost a week late, I’m going to leave it at those two things. How about you? What things do you see that you could change or work on?

This post is in response to Danielle’s prompt on her blog, Sometimes Sweet. Find the rest of my responses in this series here.