It’s been ages since I did one of these Weekend Wear posts. I just can’t seem to motivate myself (or my fiancé) to take pictures of my outfits when it’s snowing. Luckily, spring is slowly arriving so I convinced him to snap a few for me. It was raining the weekend that we took these, giving me the opportunity to test out my new rain boots. 

It’s been years since I owned a pair of rainboots and although Calgary doesn’t get much rain, I’ve walked to & from work often enough to feel like they’re a necessary addition to my life. I can’t justify dropping over $100 on a pair of rainboots, so I spent a while searching online for these. They’re a brand called Kamik, made in Canada. I bought them on, which I’ve fallen in love with a little bit – their customer service is great & I love not paying for shipping or worrying about customs (#canadianproblems).

This outfit really isn’t terribly exciting, especially if you see me on a semi-regular basis. I’m pretty obsessed with this sweater (probably not all that surprising since I wore it for our engagement shoot) as well as with my Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag. If I had a uniform, this would probably be it. I throw some variation of this outfit on weekly. For work, I switch out the leggings (tights for pants!) for skinny dress pants & the rain boots for heels or my Frye boots. I’m not a big fan of pants for work, but when I do wear them, it’s generally some form of this outfit.

Creature of habit I guess? N wasn’t too into taking these photos for me. We were on our way to the Bay to try & find him a suit for the wedding & it was raining. Shopping puts that guy in the best of moods. (He was pretty patient on this trip though & we managed to find him a great suit!)

Afterwards, we stopped by Analog Cafe for a fresh bag of Fratello beans & a couple drinks – coffee for me & hot chocolate for this guy. Wait…IS this our engagement session? (We did essentially the same thing in that session.) Coffee (& hot chocolate) is actually a pretty regular occurrence for us (almost always at my insistence.)

Can you really blame me though? This cafe is gorgeous & the coffee is my favourite in this city. I’ve talked about Fratello many times, so if you live in Calgary & haven’t checked them out yet, get on that already. They’re really busy on the weekend so if you’re not into crowds, check them out midweek. You can also find them at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. 

We’re off to Kelowna for the long weekend to do some wedding planning stuff. Have a great long weekend!