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Weekend Wears

It’s been ages since I did one of these Weekend Wear posts. I just can’t seem to motivate myself (or my fiancé) to take pictures of my outfits when it’s snowing. Luckily, spring is slowly arriving so I convinced him to snap a few for me. It was raining the weekend that we took these, giving me the opportunity to test out my new rain boots. 

It’s been years since I owned a pair of rainboots and although Calgary doesn’t get much rain, I’ve walked to & from work often enough to feel like they’re a necessary addition to my life. I can’t justify dropping over $100 on a pair of rainboots, so I spent a while searching online for these. They’re a brand called Kamik, made in Canada. I bought them on shoeme.ca, which I’ve fallen in love with a little bit – their customer service is great & I love not paying for shipping or worrying about customs (#canadianproblems).

This outfit really isn’t terribly exciting, especially if you see me on a semi-regular basis. I’m pretty obsessed with this sweater (probably not all that surprising since I wore it for our engagement shoot) as well as with my Marc by Marc Jacobs cross-body bag. If I had a uniform, this would probably be it. I throw some variation of this outfit on weekly. For work, I switch out the leggings (tights for pants!) for skinny dress pants & the rain boots for heels or my Frye boots. I’m not a big fan of pants for work, but when I do wear them, it’s generally some form of this outfit.

Creature of habit I guess? N wasn’t too into taking these photos for me. We were on our way to the Bay to try & find him a suit for the wedding & it was raining. Shopping puts that guy in the best of moods. (He was pretty patient on this trip though & we managed to find him a great suit!)

Afterwards, we stopped by Analog Cafe for a fresh bag of Fratello beans & a couple drinks – coffee for me & hot chocolate for this guy. Wait…IS this our engagement session? (We did essentially the same thing in that session.) Coffee (& hot chocolate) is actually a pretty regular occurrence for us (almost always at my insistence.)

Can you really blame me though? This cafe is gorgeous & the coffee is my favourite in this city. I’ve talked about Fratello many times, so if you live in Calgary & haven’t checked them out yet, get on that already. They’re really busy on the weekend so if you’re not into crowds, check them out midweek. You can also find them at the Calgary Farmer’s Market. 

We’re off to Kelowna for the long weekend to do some wedding planning stuff. Have a great long weekend!

for the coffee obsessed

I know I just professed my love for Fratello Coffee Roasters yesterday, but this is a little different. I wasn’t kidding; it’s still my favourite coffee. & they make a beautiful cup of coffee, in my opinion. I’ve always been a latte or cappuccino girl (how can you go wrong with latte art?), but they make an amazing pour over as well. If you really love coffee, I highly recommend checking it out.

Fratello posted a lovely little video yesterday, which is what had me posting my love of both their cafe (Analog Coffee on 17th Avenue SW) and their coffee. I regularly convince N to grab a coffee there with me on the weekend. It was even one of my picks for our engagement session with 3Haus last month. (I’ll do a post about that lovely experience soon, I promise – here’s a couple teasers shots from Analog Coffee for now).

Source: 3Haus Photographics
Source: 3Haus Photographics

If Fratello were on my way to work in the morning, I would undoubtedly stop in from time to time. Sadly, my commute doesn’t venture anywhere near their lovely establishment. Luckily for me, Calgary’s got a pretty decent coffee scene so it’s not too upsetting (although I really wouldn’t protest if they happened to open up a cafe on the northeast side of the city…).

Enter deVille Coffee and their Nutella Latte. Yeah, you heard me right, Nutella Latte. Since leaving Starbucks a few years ago, I’ve lost my taste for anything overly sweet. When people get excited about Pumpkin Spice Lattes or whatever current Starbucks coffee craze (abomination) is going on now, all I can think is sugar. Much too sweet for me.

Nutella Lattes, however, are something I can get behind. The combination of a great coffee (deVille brews Intelligentsia Coffee from Chicago), steamed milk, and a bit of Nutella is a great way to start the day. Nutella is deliciously chocolatey without being overly sweet, so it’s the perfect treat for those of us who aren’t into super sugary coffee. (Now I know that Nutella also has a lot of sugar in it and is no more healthy than Starbucks in that regard. I just can’t stand coffee that doesn’t at least mildly taste like coffee and it seems like sbux gets more and more ridiculous every year.)

I once did the math on what I was spending per month and it completely turned me off buying coffee every morning. Even when I only spent $3 a day on coffee, it added up to almost $100 a month so I try not buy coffee on my way to work very often. With Calgary being so cold lately though, I’ve needed an extra little something in the morning, so I’ve been stopping in to deVille sometimes as I walk past.

I haven’t been able to get into Christmas yet (does that make me a terrible blogger? I feel like all the bloggers are super into the Christmas Spirit and I’m just not there yet. I tried watching Love Actually on Sunday night to get into the spirit, but that only last until Monday morning.), but I can definitely always get behind good coffee on a cold day.

Road Tripping: Portland

Portland greeted us with a beautiful morning on our first day. We were staying in the Northwest so we wandered down 23rd Street, past little boutique stores, great looking restaurants, and delcious coffee shops, to our destination for breakfast: Besaw’s. It was a holiday Monday so the line was, unsurprisingly, pretty long. But, like all my favourite brunch places in Calgary, they had coffee for us while we waited. It was warm and sunny so we couldn’t really complain about the wait. We were on vacation afterall.

Breakfast was fantastic. Re-energized, we wandered around the Alphabet District and Northwest a little more before heading to the Pearl District and downtown. I loved all of Portland’s neighbourhoods, but the Pearl was probably my favourite. Warehouses, industrial buildings, and rail yards have been converted to art galleries, restaurants, cafes, breweries, shops, and housing. My love for those old painted advertisements you see on older brick buildings is no secret and this area had plenty. I pointed out ad after ad to N, happily snapping photos and gushing that this one was my favourite so far.

this one actually was my favourite.

Barista has a cafe in this great old building. We sat outside, enjoying coffee and the beautiful sunshine. Well, I enjoyed coffee. N had already had his daily cup at brunch. He’s not as coffee-obsessed as I am.

No trip to Portland is complete without a stop at Powell’s City of Books. It’s incredible. There are stacks upon stacks of books on every subject you could imagine. I spent most of my time in the travel and food sections. Predictable as ever.

The next day was equally gorgeous and full of food. I haven’t posted much about the rest of our first day because all we did was eat and drink. Literally. We had brunch, coffee, lunch, drinks, happy hour dinner, and real dinner, followed by more bar hopping before grabbing Voodoo Donuts and heading to bed. It was ridiculous. We were never once hungry or thirsty that day. As I’m trying not to overload this post with photos, I’ll talk more about what we ate and drank in Portland in other posts. There’s just too much to say about this city!

We started the day with coffee and Bloody Marys at Tasty & Sons. I’ve never really been one for morning drinks aside from coffee. I just never think of it unless someone else suggests it. I mean, I love mimosas as much as the next girl, but it always seems excessive to do a mimosa and a coffee.

Tasty & Sons had a whole Bloody Mary menu though so we decided it was probably best if we shared one. Just to try. (It was delicious and spicy). We also shared the breakfast board and a pork panini they had on special. Our food was amazing and I definitely loved every bite, but next time I’m trying one of their stews. I’m so curious about what Burmese Red Pork Stew with short grain rice & eggs two ways would be like for breakfast. I guess we’re going back sometime.

We spent the afternoon in the Mississipi District. It’s mostly just a street, but definitely one worth visiting. The only downside to the East side is getting around. We did a lot of walking on that side of the river before crossing back over for some afternoon drinks and donuts. No trip to Portland is complete without experiencing Voodoo Donuts. (We went twice. Because we’re ridiculous like that.)

That evening we headed over the bridge again to grab drinks before dinner at Pok Pok. We found a cute little pub and sat outside enjoying our pints. There is no shortage of delicious beer in Portland. Dinner at Pok Pok is a fun story, but I’ll save it for when I talk more about the food piece of our trip.

Our final morning in Portland we drove over to Alberta Street in the Northeast for a massive breakfast. Then I grabbed a final cup of Portland coffee, N picked up beer at Rogue Brewery, we grabbed saucisson sec from Olympic Provisions, and hit up a food cart for a fried cheese sandwich we certainly didn’t need before hitting the road for Seattle.

It was sad to say goodbye to Portland. I know we’ll be back though. There’s so much more to eat!

the little things

I know it’s a cliche. & not even an uncommon one at that. But sometimes it really is the little things that make all the difference in the world.

Sometimes I get so wrapped up in life: work, the gym, meal plans, cooking, cleaning, sleeping… & repeat. Sometimes I forget to stop for a second. I took a break for a second today and stepped back from all the craziness I’m creating for myself and was reminded of one of those little things that I love:

good coffee, in a nice space, with a book.

It doesn’t even really have to be a good book. It can be a mediocre book. It does have to be a good cup of coffee, however.

I needed a little break from the office today so I stepped over to one of my favourite restaurants for a coffee. They also happen to brew one of my favourites: Phil & Sebastian. As I admired their La Marzocco (I have an obsession) and stopped thinking about workweddingvenuesfitnessdinnercleaningsleeping for a minute, I remembered how important taking time out is to me.

I sat down for a few minutes with my cappuccino and read. It was a nice escape. I don’t know what it is about books in coffee shops for me, but I love it. Maybe it reminds me of being a student. Or maybe my love for frequenting coffee shops to read is why I have fond memories of being a student. Either way, it got me thinking about some of the other little things that make me smile. Here’s a little list for you on this lovely Thursday:

– dancing with N
– the first bite of a perfectly cooked piece of red meat
– well designed, aesthetically pleasing spaces
– random emoji-filled text messages
– dance parties with my girlfriends
– when a really great song comes on my iPod as I’m walking to work
– the first glimpse of Columbia Lake as you crest the top of the hill on highway 93
– photos of friends, food, travel (let’s be honest here: everything)
– the first day it’s warm enough to go bare legged after months of winter
– standing at the top of a mountain
– the few minutes before we get out of bed in the morning
– freshly washed and waxed Rula (my subarula!)
– a perfectly cut piece of salmon sashimi
– dancing with puppies
– driving a winding road with no one in front of me
– flip flop tan lines

What are some of the things that make you smile?

Road Tripping: Vancouver

N and I had a great vacation. We wasted no time and left for the lake right after work on Thursday. I wanted to start our vacation right away so we got out of town as soon as we could. We were going to Vancouver the next day and although heading to the lake only saved us an hour on the road the next day, I was happy to have that little head start.
Leaving that evening also meant we got to stop in Canmore for dinner. Poutine at La Belle Patate has become a bit of a tradition for us whenever we head west on the Trans Canada. I know it sounds odd, but it’s some of the best poutine I’ve ever had. Dare I say better than in Quebec? (Mmm yes, I do. Someone come and challenge me on this one!)
The next morning we were on the road bright and early. We wanted as much time in Vancouver (for eating, of course) as possible so we’d packed food for the road so we wouldn’t have to stop. Sometimes I mean business on road trips. None of this fast food for us. Nope, we had Crave Jerky (if you haven’t tried it, get the chili lime. Epic), cheese and summer sausage, blueberries, apples, and skittles. I’ve yet to go on road trip with N without him sneaking some candy into the mix at some point. I crave savoury, he craves sweet.
We got into Vancouver around 4, dropped our stuff at my friends house, and headed out exploring. I’d been hearing amazing things about Earnest Ice Cream and I just had to try it. It turned out their new shop wasn’t far from where we were staying, so off we went.

They weren’t lying. It is seriously good.

I tried the whiskey hazelnut and the lavender before settling on the salted caramel. I know I should try other flavours, but I just can’t resist salted caramel ice cream. I told myself I had to compare to my favourite Village Ice Cream. The verdict? I still love Village for my salted caramel fix, if I lived in Vancouver, I’d definitely be hitting up Earnest as often.

I think N had the Milk Chocolate. I remember having a sample of that one later and it was like pure chocolate. It’s a bit odd that I don’t actually remember what he had. Apparently, I was too absorbed with my own ice cream and with taking photos of the adorable shop. I’m sure this comes as a surprise to everyone.

It was almost dinner time by the time we finished so we hoped on the sky train to head downtown for sushi. I don’t think I can go to Vancouver and not have sushi. Maybe if I lived there, I’d get over it. I doubt it, but maybe.

Just looking at those photos from Kadoya Sushi is making me incredibly hungry. That sashimi was so perfect and buttery. I’m sitting in front of my computer drooling a bit. At least I’m home alone so no one can judge me.
After dinner we headed over to gas town. I hadn’t been to gas town in recent memory so I was in awe of how awesome it was. There were people out everywhere: enjoying drinks on patios, riding bikes, eating delicious-looking food. It’s become such a fun neighbourhood.
We’d planned to meet up with some friends of mine that I hadn’t seen in almost 10 years, so we put our names on a list at Alibi Room and then headed elsewhere for a drink while we waited. I wanted to snap pictures of everything, but N tried to reign me in a bit. We’d been in the car all day and he was definitely ready to enjoy some beers.

Alibi Room was great. It was fun catching up with old friends and their beer selection is amazing! They have mostly local beers but there’s also a good selection from the rest of the West Coast. There were lots from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland and from from further down the coast in Washington and Oregon to get us excited about the rest of our trip. It was exactly the kind of place I could see us going if we lived in Vancouver. I love different bars (N will probably tell you that I loved it because it was trendy, but he’d be lying if he said he didn’t enjoy the beer selection and atmosphere too!)

The next morning we headed to 49th Parallel for coffee. I’d heard good things about it and wanted to try it out. I love coffee but N could really take it or leave it. Turns out we hit the jackpot cuz they also have unreal donuts. Like seriously unreal. It was only a few blocks from my friends house so I wish her the best of luck at resisting those donuts. We shared a maple bacon crueller (will I ever tire of this flavour combination?)

N and I are both incredibly predictable at coffee shops. Hers? A latte. Always. I can’t resist the beautiful latte art and the subtle sweetness of steamed milk.

His? An americano or a drip coffee. Black. Always black.

The coffee and their café were both amazing. I’m pretty sure I planned this entire trip with coffee, food, and beer in mind. That is literally all we did. Don’t expect to see photos of much of anything else besides the amazing restaurants we ate at or the beer and coffee we drank. Would you really expect anything else though?
Later that afternoon we headed to a family friend’s wedding. It was on their beautiful property and the weather was gorgeous. We all got a little warm during the ceremony, but it’s hard to complain about such a perfect day. My whole family was there and we had a lot of fun dancing, chatting, eating, and taking a million photo booth photos.
We did somehow manage to get a nice one before all of that though. I don’t think I’ve ever had a photo with both of these very special guys in my life. They clean up pretty well. (and every once in a while, my brother is capable of refraining from making a ridiculous face. Who knew this was possible!)
That is basically it for our whirlwind Vancouver trip. One day I’ll go to Vancouver and actually have enough time to see and do all the things I want to (I hope). This trip, despite being short, was really great though. We fit in a lot of things I wanted to do and had so much fun at the wedding. I’m so happy we were able to celebrate with them!
The next day we headed down the Pacific Coast Highway for Portland. That’s another post though. N is out playing hockey and, as usual, I’ve lost track of the entire evening. I’m not sure how I always manage to do that. Sometimes (always) I still need him to tell me it’s time to go to bed. Ah being an adult!


It’s no secret that I love coffee. A good cup of coffee is my favourite way to start the day. I have a stove top espresso maker and I love having time to make delicious coffee on the weekends. Even better though, is heading to a local coffee shop for a cappuccino or an americano. I’ve been drinking Fratello Coffee for a while at the Calgary Farmer’s Market and it’s what goes in our stove top espresso maker. Now they also have a great shop on 17th avenue called Analog Coffee and it is fast becoming my favourite.

When we did strict paleo, I made an effort to drink my coffee black more often and Fratello made this significantly easier. N has always drank his black, but I was a milk and raw sugar girl myself. Mostly, this is just a necessity due to the terrible coffee at work. I’ve come to enjoy my weekend coffee without any sugar, but I still love a delicious cappuccino from time to time.

Some days there’s nothing better than a delicious cappuccino, a pain au chocolat, and some blank journal pages. Fratello is such a great place to enjoy these simple joys. It takes me back to living in France. Journals are such a great way to keep track of travel, but I often forget how great it can be to do the same back home, when life is far more average.

Not only does Fratello have delicious coffee, but the cafe itself is really beautiful as well. My photos of it aren’t the greatest, sadly. (I was feeling a little self conscious trying to get them. I should work on that.) I guess you’ll all just have to check out for yourselves.

N and I were running low on coffee so we had to stop by again last weekend. Sometimes life is really tough.

I also convinced N to take some outfit photos after the pumpkin pancakes recipe photos. It was a gorgeous day; leather jacket weather is finally here! Most of the photos turned out pretty funny, but I got a couple that I like so here goes: first real outfit photos.

I’ve been wearing these little booties a lot since I got them. It wasn’t quite warm enough for bare legs last weekend, but I’ve worn them a few times since without tights. So exciting!

I find myself getting really excited for spring fashion every year around now. It’s probably the same with the start of other seasons, but all I’m thinking about is how satisfying it is to pull my leather jacket out of the back of my closet.

I already mentioned how much I love the inside of Analog Coffee but the exterior is just as great. I love this large, graphic A on the side as well as the A in the concrete at the threshold, the doors, and the large front windows. 

 I love slow-paced weekends sometimes. It’s so nice to sleep in, grab coffee together, and enjoy the gorgeous weather. We’re usually running from one thing to the next and before I know it it’s Monday already.

Coming out of the long weekend, I’m already wishing I could have one more day to relax. We had a great Easter weekend that seemed to last for much longer than three days, but I’m still not ready for work tomorrow morning. I guess that’s what happens after a great long weekend!

Happy Easter Everyone!

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