This week, write a “State of Me” address. Write about how you’re really doing- what you’ve been thinking, what you’ve been up to. What have you accomplished lately? Where is there room for growth? Where are you right now in life and where are you headed? Current joys, currents sadness…write it all out. Discuss the current state of YOU. 

I had really good intentions to write this post a few days ago…& then I kind of just let it slide. That says a bit about the state of me lately, I suppose. I try to shy away from responding with “busy” when asked how things are. I am a generally busy person (& I like it that way), but so is everyone else. & although I think it’s a cop out response, I am guilty of responding with it. Maybe that’s why I dislike it. Whatever. Let’s get back to the point.

I’m usually busy doing things I like &, more than likely, so are you. Currently, life feels particularly hectic. On top of wedding planning, I’m trying to get back into consistent workouts (I have unlimited CrossFit for the next month! Yes!), eating well, & maintaining some kind of social life. I slacked off a bit over the last couple months, so now that I’m getting back into some more healthy habits, it feels like a big undertaking. I’m sure things will level out in some ways, but we’ve also got a ton of plans for this entire summer. Between our wedding, wedding-related events, Stampede, & visits from friends, we are booked solid. I’m excited, albeit a little apprehensive.

We’re also full steam ahead with our honeymoon plans. Of course, by we, I mostly mean myself. Planning is totally my jam. I consult with N on any decisions, but the research is mostly me. I love it, but I definitely find myself getting lost in the internet sometimes. Hours can go by without my even realizing. I’m definitely one of those people who likes to weigh all the options before settling on one. Thankfully, the trip is 75% planned & booked, so there’s not a lot left to do except be excited!

This summer, I’ll need to learn to say no sometimes. As is, we have a lot planned & as much as I love going for drinks with our friends or enjoying a night out, I think I’m going to have to scale that back. I’m making CrossFit a priority this month, but I’m also trying not to spend every night in the gym. This box offers a few morning classes as well as lunch ones, so I’m going to try to take advantage of those when I can. It’s nice getting a workout in before the day starts.

We’re in an interesting place right now. Our wedding is less than two months away, which is a big symbolic change in who we are. We’ll see what other kind of changes it brings. September will certainly free up a lot of time for other endeavors, though. I’m looking forward to having the time to seriously look at houses, as one of our goals is to become homeowners. This crazy market should  make that an interesting challenge. Overall, we’re moving forward. In a lot of ways we know what we want, but we’ve also still got a lot of figuring out to do.

As for the state of me, personally? I’d say I’m pretty darn happy right now. There are so many things I’m excited for, not only in the next few months, but in the years to come as well. It’s the last year of my twenties & I plan to make it great. Things are never perfect – it really is the overall journey that puts this into perspective. (I know talking about the journey is so cliche. Bear with me.) There are always going to be highs & lows, but I can honestly say that it’s all generally good.  & for that I am incredibly grateful.

This post is in response to Danielle’s prompt on her blog, Sometimes Sweet. Find the rest of my responses in this series here.