Remember when I did a journal response about how life was hectic. Well we’re seven days into July & I’m only just posting this recap, so I think that’s still quite accurate! I feel like I just did the May recap. Where did this month go? Judging by my instagram, all we did was eat. Seriously, we ate a lot of delicious food this month. Or at least that’s what I mostly posted about. Nothing wrong with that right? We’re just a couple of foodies over here…

1. The first of three Anju meals. This one was a 13 course collaboration for the Chinatown Flood Rehabilitation Fund. Anju was one of three chefs who put on this delicious meal.
2. H & I went to a few early-morning spin classes. We grabbed coffee together at Analog afterwards. Definitely a wonderful way to start the day!
3. N & I celebrated five years together & what is probably the last time we’ll celebrate this date since we’ll have a new anniversary after this year. We went for a lovely dinner at Black Pig Bistro (the new kid in Bridgeland).
4. Anju dinner number two. I actually have some real photos of this & plan on blogging about it soon. We headed down to Test Kitchen for this wonderful meal with some lovely ladies. (That bone marrow risotto. Daaaaamn.)
5. Village Ice Cream recently celebrated two years! I couldn’t resist bringing home a half scoop of Root Beer with a half scoop of Salted Caramel. (My favourite combo!)
6. I won a Bridal basket from the Bay, which included this very sparkly (messy) bottle of Champagne.
7. The last Anju dinner. I know, we’re ridiculous, but we couldn’t pass up the chance to get our Gochujang fix.
8. The weather didn’t really cooperate for the “long weekend” , but we launched the sea doo anyway. A little cloud cover can’t stop us!
9. Of course, the day we were leaving, it was gorgeous. Isn’t that how it always works?

This weekend kicked off our crazy summer schedule with the first weekend of Stampede. From here on out, it’s go go go until we’re gone to Europe!