As predicted, it’s been pretty quiet on this blog for the last little while. We’ve been travelling around Europe for the last couple weeks following our wedding (which was awesome, btw. I’m sure everyone thinks that about their own wedding, but I truly had the best day.) Photos have been popping up here and there from our wedding weekend and they’ve been so great. I can’t wait to see more. So far, one of my favourites has been this wedding selfie with our wedding party. Thanks for the photo, KG.

A few days after we drove home to Calgary for Kelowna to catch our flight to Paris. Paris is always good idea, right. This trip was no exception. Some of the highlights for me were wandering the streets of the 3rd and 4th arrondissements, eating at the amazing L’Avant Comptoir, and revisiting the bar where I first drank wine back in 2005.
Lovelock bridge:
The Louvre
Signing the wall at L’Avant Comptoir
From Paris, we took the train to Lyon, where I lived in 2008 and 2009. Lyon is familiar and wonderful. It feels a bit like coming home, which I suppose it is for me. A few highlights for me were catching up with coworkers from Starbucks, showing Nathan my old apartment, and grabbing baguette, cheese, and meats from my favourite market in Croix Rousse.
Antoine de Saint Exupery is from Lyon. We used a favourite passage of mine (translated by me) from the Little Prince in our Wedding Ceremony.
My former apartment in Lyon: 13 rue de vauzelles.
The incredible view from our rental in Lyon.
After Lyon, we headed for Italy to board a cruise ship in Genoa. We’ve just gotten off today after an incredible week. This post doesn’t do any of our trip justice so far so I’ll leave it here and get back to enjoying my glass of wine on the Grande Canal. (& apologize for the terrible formatting on this post. Mobile isn’t easy sometimes!) 
Tonight we’ll be in Cinque Terre, where we will spend a few days before flying home. I’ve been trying to keep my Instagram updated so check that out if you would like to follow along! 
Ciao bellas!