It’s  been a crazy week in my blogging world! It seems I like to do things the hard way.

Last year, I decided to switch from blogger to wordpress, but I wasn’t ready to take the leap to self-hosting. Instead, I bought my domain name on I decided late last year that I would make the switch to a self-hosted site before my domain renewed, but I got nervous & left it later than I probably should have. To make a long story short, my site when down this week because the IP addresses didn’t switch from wordpress to bluehost…or something. I’m clearly still learning. Trial & error over here, folks!

Anyway, everything seems to be good to go over here now. I’m really excited to have more flexibility on here. I remember falling in love with so many wordpress themes & plugin that I couldn’t use on my site, so that should be fun to experiment with. I’d also screwed up with my image file sizes for a bit, so now I can finally get back to blogging about some of our trips. I suppose I could have talked about Kelowna & Mexico without the photos, but that wouldn’t really be a proper blog, would it?

As far as I understand, you shouldn’t see any huge differences on your end. I have more control with how my posts will appear on social media & if you use the wordpress reader, you’ll be able to tell I’ve switched over. Apart from those few things, I hope you’ll find the same things you previously enjoyed on here!